Reliance JioFiber Slips to Fifth on Netflix ISP Speed Index, This Time Outranked by ACT Fibernet

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Reliance JioFiber has become a household name in the country. It has been almost a month and a half since the service was officially launched in the country along with its plans and pricing. Even with that, some customers continue to enjoy the preview offer from Reliance Jio. However, overall, the response of the public towards Reliance Jio’s FTTH service has been lukewarm as best, and there are multiple reasons behind it. But, today we are not going to be talking about that, but instead, this update is about the overall speed status of Reliance Jio’s JioFiber speed. Now, when it comes to measuring speeds, Netflix’s ISP Speed Index remains one of the best ways to track the speed of any ISP. Netflix tracks the prime time performance of these ISPs and then reports the speeds every month along with ranks and the particular index. Here is what the results say about the ISPs this month.


Reliance JioFiber Slips in Rank But Improves Speed

The first highlight when we look at the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index report is that Reliance Jio’s name now ranks on the fifth spot. This means that the JioFiber service has slipped a spot down to the fifth rank, from its previous rank of the fourth position. Now before you think that the fall in Reliance JioFiber’s speed is the reason why the telecom operator might have slipped in the speed index, then let us stop you and tell you that is not the case. If anything, Reliance JioFiber witnessed an increase in speeds in the period between August and September. While the Speed Index report for August month pegged the Reliance JioFiber speeds at 3.17 Mbps, in the September month, Reliance JioFiber measured speeds up to 3.23 Mbps. However, despite this increase in speed, Reliance JioFiber was overtaken by Atria Convergence Technologies or popularly known as ACT Fibernet.

ACT Fibernet Improves Speed by Good Margin

It is worth noting that ACT Fibernet was the ISP which was previously ranking right below JioFiber on the fifth number, but in the period between August and September, ACT Fibernet increased its speed from 3.13 Mbps to 3.30 Mbps which was a fair increase in speed. This was the reason why ACT Fibernet was able to outrank JioFiber on the Netflix ISP Speed Index.

Top Rankers Also Switch Positions

The top ranks on the Netflix ISP Index have also switched places as 7 Star Digital which previously used to rank on the second number has taken the first spot. In the previous month, 7 Star Digital had speeds which were measuring 3.32 Mbps, but this month, 7 Star Digital ranked first on the speed index owing to 3.46 Mbps speed. In the same time, Spectra, which was the previous leader on the charts of Netflix Speed Index also witnessed a rise in speeds, but it wasn’t enough to retain the top spot. Spectra saw a 0.10 points increase as the previous speed on Spectra was 3.33 Mbps, whereas, this month, Spectra measured speeds of up to 3.43 Mbps on Netflix prime time.

BSNL Broadband Also Improves Rank and Speed

Airtel, which ranks on the third spot on the Netflix ISP Index, did not witness any change in positions, but it did undergo a slight improvement in speed. Airtel, which was previously providing 3.21 Mbps, now ranked on the third spot with 3.37 Mbps. You Broadband and Hathway also ranked on the sixth and seventh spot respectively. The state-led broadband service provider, BSNL also climbed up a rank to the 14th spot and also witnessed an improvement in speed as it provided 2.17 Mbps speed as opposed to 1.99 Mbps previously.

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