Reliance JioFiber: Separate Cable TV Connection, Monthly FUP and Other Must Know Things

Reliance Jio has now finally played its master move for which the Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator made the Indian people wait more than a year. However, when the telco announced the plans, many people were a little letdown. Most people had a 2016 scenario in mind where they expected Reliance Jio to break the broadband industry and repeat the history. But, none of that happened, and the plans were considered to be just slightly better than some of the competitors. Even with that being said, there is a lot of hype for Reliance JioFiber and customers are going to be frolicking around for getting a subscription to these plans. In case you happen to be one of them, then here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Requirement for a Separate TV Connection

Although previously rumours were floating that Reliance Jio would bring free TV connection with its JioFiber plans that would allow the subscribers to access satellite TV channels, none of that has materialised for the subscribers who were awaiting this facility. In order to make the full use of the JioFiber ecosystem, the subscribers will eventually have to get a TV cable connection from an LCO in addition to paying Jio for the broadband services. However, there is some relief for the customers of JioFiber. Read the next point to find out.

Free Set-Top Box with Every Plan

While Reliance Jio won’t be offering a TV connection with its broadband subscription plans, the telco is currently shipping a Jio Set-Top Box worth Rs 6,500 for free to its subscribers as part of the Welcome Offer. The subscribers will be able to use this Set-Top Box to stream both satellite TV and OTT content side by side. The Jio STB comes with applications like Netflix, Jio TV and more while the satellite TV channels will come from the separate cable connection which the subscribers get.

Only Single Choice in Long Term Plans

There is a long term offer for subscribers of JioFiber who opt for an annual plan of the broadband service. However, these subscribers will get a choice between the benefits which they can enjoy as part of the JioFiber long-term offer. Either they will be able to choose from a product like a Bluetooth speaker, or in case of higher plans, an HD TV, or they can also opt for a double data option which will offer the subscribers double data limit. If not any of these options, then the subscribers can opt for two months of extra service as the long-term JioFiber plan benefit.

FUP Data is Only for a Month, and Not Daily

There is also a lot of confusion around the data FUP limit that Reliance Jio is providing under JioFiber. As much as we would have appreciated Reliance Jio if it provided a massive daily data limit to the subscribers, that is sadly not the case, and all the data limits listed in the plans are only for monthly plans. Which means that the plans are only going to provide monthly FUP data that in the range of 100GB, 200GB, and so on for the entry-level plans.

The Reality Behind Security Deposit

It should also be noted that while the JioFiber preview subscribers were getting the option to pay a fully refundable deposit of Rs 2,500, that is not the case anymore. Any subscriber getting a JioFiber connection will have to pay Rs 2,500, and out of this only Rs 1,500 will be refundable and the rest Rs 1,000 will be considered as the installation charges. In this amount, the subscribers will get the JioFiber router, and the set-top box as well. However, the set-top box will be taken by Reliance Jio if you disconnect the JioFiber connection.

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