New Jio Broadband Customers Get 3 Months of Free Service But Set-Top Box is Missing

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When Reliance JioFiber made its debut in India approximately a month back, the interested users were not fascinated by the high-speed data services as much as they were from the freebies that Reliance Jio had to offer with its broadband connections. There were rumours in the market before the arrival of the service that Reliance Jio would offer free TV services along with its FTTH service, JioFiber. However, when the service was launched, we came to know that a separate cable TV connection would have to be bought by the subscribers to access satellite TV channels on their TV. But, Reliance Jio did promise a free Set-Top Box for the JioFiber subscribers as part of the JioFiber Welcome offer. However, there has been a new development in this regard, as we have come to know that select subscribers of JioFiber are still getting the preview offer from Reliance Jio, but there is a catch to it.


JioFiber Preview Offer Still Available: Benefits and Other Details

If you recall properly, before the actual arrival of Reliance JioFiber, the telecom operator had started offering the services under a testing period with a Preview Offer. As part of this Preview Offer, the customers getting a Reliance JioFiber connection could enjoy many benefits. Some of the benefits included a lower upfront deposit amount which was set at Rs 2,500 and out of this, the consumers were not charged anything as the installation amount, and the installation was free. The subscribers were also getting bonus data in the form of 40GB sachets which they could use in case they ran out of data. The monthly data FUP for the Preview Offer customers was set at 100GB like it is the case with the entry-level plan from JioFiber. The Preview Offer also brings the complimentary subscription to Jio apps like JioSaavn, JioTV and more.

Some Subscribers Can Still Get JioFiber Preview Offer

Now in a new update, we have come to know that although the prices and plans for JioFiber have been declared and they are out in the market, some customers are being offered the new connection under the Preview Offer meaning that they will get to enjoy the extra data coupon benefits, the zero installation charge and more. This news comes from Twitter where some customers have reported a similar experience of Jio representatives approaching them and offering them a new connection and that new connection being under the Preview Offer.

The information about the Jio Preview Offer is also live on the official Jio website as well. The website notes that the offer still holds good and that the subscribers would be able to reap the benefits of this new offer.

TV Services With Set-Top Box Also Available for JioFiber Customers

Then there is the question of whether or not the subscribers will get the TV services along with the JioFiber connection. In this regard also, a few customers have tweeted saying that although they have not yet received the Jio Set-Top Box, they have received the information that they will get a free TV connection as part of the subscription, and they would not have to pay anything more apart from the subscription amount which they are paying for broadband. The customers were also told they would receive the Set-Top Box after the regular monthly billing starts. The Jio representative installing the JioFiber equipment also informed the customers that they would be getting around 640 channels once the TV services start.

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