Interview With Manu Nagar (CEO) Longcheer India

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Interview With Manu Nagar (CEO), Longcheer IndiaLongcheer Holdings Limited established in July 2002 is a leading global provider of wireless technology products and services.

The company specializes in developing products and services in mobile handsets designs, complete mobile handsets, wireless communication, data communication products, mobile broadband technology and mobile internet applications.

The company recently made a foray in India. TelecomTalk goes behind the scenes to bring you this exclusive interview with Manu Nagar (CEO), Longcheer India.

TT: What are your plans for the India market?

Manu Nagar: Longcheer India designs mobile handsets for the Indian telecom market, catering to high end designs for domestic players. Customers today are becoming difficult to please with high demands of style and features. We are targeting handful of customers out of which are working with two companies of the Indian market.

Manu Nagar (CEO), Longcheer India
Manu Nagar (CEO), Longcheer India

TT: What does your product portfolio offers the Indian market?

Manu Nagar:Longcheer’s product portfolio consists of high end designer mobile phone and applications based on GSM and CDMA with GPRS/EDGE/WIFI inhibit. Further, company has also lanched W-CDMA phones for 3G interactive services. These phones use Hi-Speed Download Packet Access for wireless internet access to deliver the most advanced technological applications to meet the diverse needs of customers.

TT: What are the latest trends in vogue?

Manu Nagar: Unfolding of technological innovations have raised the expectations of consumers with large screens, easy keypads, long battery life and large memory and an array of features. Feature rich and designer handsets are very much in demands which are now a days available at a low price like Rs.5000.

Manu Nagar:The future of domestic handset industry is growing at a fast rate which is linked to the ever growing demand and consumption of mobiles in India. Given this fact it is only natural that handsets be designed in India.

TT: What will be your next move in this accelerating market of handset design?

Manu Nagar:With an increasing growth rate of 21 % annually in the next 2 years, it is expected that wireless subscribers will cross 735 million subscribers. We envisage that many Indian companies will make a foray in this sector and we can help with our expertise.

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