Indian Computer Emergency Response Team Warns Wi-Fi Users To Be Alert

By January 18th, 2012 AT 7:33 PM

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team Warns Wi-Fi Users To Be AlertSo are you a happy Wi-Fi user ? If yes you should now take extra precautions to protect your Wi-Fi network .

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has issued a advisory which cites a design error on all Wi-Fi setup that can help unauthorized access to affected system.

As per the advisory Belkin,Buffalo,D-Link System, Cisco/ Linksys, Netgear, Tp-Link Modems are among the affected one which has the design flaw which means if you don’t use  proper precaution your PC can be compromised.

We spoke with Gokul C Gopinath from WarDriving Kerala team which analyze wireless security statistics of kerala cited “For those who are concerned the stakes are high! Since most of the modern routers are coming with WPS enabled as it’s relatively new kind of attack – people are less aware of this issues/problem.Since there is no patch/fix from the vendor side , the basic fix would be disabling the WPS.

He also added as we are in a scenario where we can still see WEP enabled networks – This gonna add an extra finger for the attackers

The only way now to secure your Wi-Fi modem now can be to disable the WPS on the router as shown below.

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To Protect Your Wireless Network you must cross check these things with your wi-fi Modem/router- 1- Must change its default login credentials. Most of WiFi devices’ default login credentials are easily available on the Internet. 2- Use WPA-2 Wireless Security Key instead of WEP. WEP is no more secure nowadays. Even If you can operate a computer, you can hack the WEP wireless network. 3- If possible try to use MAC filtering feature of your wireless Modem/router. This feature allow only the computers to connect to the Wi-Fi, those MAC Address you have added in your Wireless Modem/Router. 4- If… Read more »


@Arun, @Prithvi & @Sathish
From attackers standpoint, enabling isn’t gonna provide any extra security, apart from complicating the Wi-Fi setup. It’s as simple as adding an extra parameter (or checkbox if GUI is used) to sniff MAC address and spoof it..

In short use a very good and complex (14 char password with caps/small/number) passwords for securing your Wi-Fi. Forget MAC filtering, it’s useless and can’t protect your network..

And some Wi-Fi routers don’t provide an option to disable WPS at all!

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