India Likely to Become a 5G Manufacturing Powerhouse

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5G in India

The next revolution in the tech industry is near, and the entire globe is eyeing to be the early adopters of the 5G technology and reap multiple benefits. Talking about the domestic landscape, India stands at a very unique position in the 5G hub. The nation can be considered a unique market for 5G equipment if we play our cards well. One of the factors that will favour us in becoming a 5G manufacturing powerhouse is the backlash towards Chinese telecom gear makers. Nearly all the developed and underdeveloped nations are running away and barring Chinese gear makers in their 5G development. The benefit of backlash is being enjoyed by competitors like Ericsson and Nokia. It would be too early to assume that India is set to become a 5G manufacturing powerhouse. However, the entire nation is restructuring its perspective towards the 5G ecosystem. Let’s look at three points that could aid India in dominating 5G global supplies.

Fair Bit of Innovation

If India wants to incline towards becoming the 5G equipment hub, a fair bit of careful innovation would be required to elevate the manufacturing. Talking about innovation, in a new development, IIT Hyderabad has developed a narrowband IoT chipset that will enable long battery life and perform well with low bit-rate IoT applications. Another interesting innovation where India could capitalise on is E-waste. The e-waste can be reengineered to make 5G equipment in a cost-effective manner.

Spectrum Acquisition

The spectrum acquisition will be another major factor for India in becoming the 5G manufacturing powerhouse. Since the asked 26GHz band would burn the pockets of telecom operators, relying on existing airwaves and short Wi-Fi airwaves could be the game-changer for India. Not only this but, global nations can also reap benefits if India completely capitalises on its existing structure.

Boosting Manufacturing Under Atmanirbhar Bharat

India holds immense power and capacity to boost manufacturing. There are ample manufacturing facilities that are currently obsolete. However, if the government revive these facilities and divert them towards 5G equipment manufacturing, the demand curve will rise in the future. With the Atmanirbhar Bharat package, the MSMEs can stand on their feet in emerging technologies. In case you are not aware, the newly developed 5G IoT Chipset named Koala also fulfils the promise of Atmanibhar Bharat. Apart from this, India is also eyeing its own locally developed technology, which is 5Gi. Since the technology is still under development, the benefits and loopholes cannot be rolled out. We can wait and witness the transition of India in becoming self-reliant while developing the 5G ecosystem.

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