Idea reduces data/validity of existing 3G pack, adds two new packs in Kerala Circle

Following Airtel’s footsteps, Idea has also reduced data and validity of certain 3G packs in Kerala circle. Now Idea subscriber has to spend more to get 3G internet for a month.

Monthly 3G packs Rs 107 used to provide 300MB data for 30 days has been drastically reduced to 21 days validity and 250MB data. Validity of another monthly pack Rs 199 600MB has been reduced to 28 days from existing 30 days.

Two new 3G data packs has been introduced by Idea. Rs 123 provides 400MB 3G data for 21 days and Rs 149 provides 500MB 3G data for 21 days. These two packs aimed at closing the gap between Rs 107 and Rs 199 3G packs.


Idea is set to increase its data revenues by revising monthly packs and thus pushing users to spend more. With the two new packs Idea want users to use more data but reduced validity would mean spending more per month. Subscribers has to now choose whether to migrate to higher packs with 30 days validity or to do current packs twice a month. In both case Idea’s data revenue will increase substantially.

Please do let us know by comments your views on this move by Idea.

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December 8, 2014 6:54 pm 6:54 PM

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December 8, 2014 9:09 pm 9:09 PM

Was facing the same issue, clear cache.

December 8, 2014 4:55 pm 4:55 PM
I have a dual sim mobile .One is idea and one is bsnl .am from kerala .Previously am using idea 3g bcz they are giving some special offer to me like 1gb for 149 .But for the last 2 months they wont give any offer and forced me to use costilest packs .They also increase their 2g packs drasatically .so i stop using idea for data .Now am using bsnl 3g .In my village and workplace 8 get good coverage for bsnl 3g .bsnl offer 2gb @248 while idea gives only 1gb .Bsnl give 1gb for 139 but idea give… Read more »
December 8, 2014 3:37 pm 3:37 PM
one thing is sure that when prices go above a level or below a level it is dangerous for businesses. now the prices are going above the level that after paying 500 you get mere 2-2.5gb data and qos is nowhere to see. soon AVoID will die again and start losing customers as here price matters a lot. tata docomo is really picking up in punjab and has almost tripled their 3g coverage. i m enjoying 1gb best offer at rs.89 for 30 days no limits of recharge no condition. so i recharge thrice to make it 3gb for 267.… Read more »