Idea Cellular Expands Use Mobile Save Paper Campaign to Barista & CCD

Taking its Innovative Use Mobile- Save Paper campaign further, IDEA Cellular the GSM mobile service operator has partnered with the two leading Coffee chains – Barista and Café Coffee Day – to spread awareness about its Green campaign through a unique mobile application that will allow people to download the menu card and bill on their mobile phones. This will eliminate the need for paper-based menu and bill in that particular transaction.

Next time when you visit any Barista or Café Coffee Day outlet, make sure to do your bit for saving paper, by accessing the menu and bill through your mobile phone!

Visitors to these coffee outlets can access the mobile application through a simple download on their phones, browse through the menu, and select the items to be ordered. On completion, order summary is displayed and user can view the bill amount for the items ordered. The user will also get a message of the Use Mobile, Save Paper campaign.

Over 90 outlets of Barista in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune; and 75 Cafe Coffee Day outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore will promote IDEA’s Use Mobile, Save Paper campaign by demonstrating to the youth of the country that the mobile phone applications can be effectively utilized to undertake large number of day-to-day activities, thereby saving tones of paper everyday.

This green initiative kicked-off on the occasion of Valentine’s Day on February 14th, and will continue for at least two weeks to connect with large number of people who frequent coffee joints, and engage them in the Green awareness campaign.

World over, millions of tonnes of trees get cut everyday to produce paper, leading to alarming rates of deforestation. One simple idea to save paper is to efficiently use the mobile phone for large number of day to day communication. The new IDEA campaign showcases how the mobile phone can be used as an efficient tool to read daily newspapers generate e-bills, make payments and transactions, issue e-tickets and boarding passes; thereby saving tonnes of paper everyday.

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Vijay Kayal
February 22, 2010 4:13 pm 4:13 PM

Safeguard to environment , safety of trees and greenery are more lucrative on the papers. In actual life these are not followed strictly. It’s a yeomen’s job to properly guide the masses re the hidden dragon. “IDEA” deserve an accolade from one and all . Kudos to IDEA !!

February 20, 2010 1:19 am 1:19 AM

Talk rs.4 or more/day get re.1 tt free. works in tamil nadu. what an idea sirji

Prasath J
February 18, 2010 1:45 am 1:45 AM

I doubt how much paper it will save, especially in most hotels, price-list is displayed in a board anyway… Further any Idea for low-end mobile phone users???