Hike ‘direct’ launched to let users within 100 metres radius chat with each other without a data connection

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Hike messenger the second most popular IM in India after whatsapp, has launched a path defining new feature which lets the users who are within 100 metres radius of each other to chat, send stickers, exchange photos, videos, audio notes or any file for that matter with each other over a device to device wi-fi direct connection which is not dependant on the mobile operator’s network.


This could prove to be a game changing feature since the no dependence on cellular networks means it is irrelevant whether the user is on 2G, 3G or 4G network, he can share files with other users at speeds of 40Mbps and Hike claims that a 100MB file would be transferred within just 10 seconds. This makes Bluetooth obsolete for file sharing, since wi-fi direct is a much newer and advanced technology which delivers higher speeds, but the only problem is that not all phones connect with each other over wi-fi direct with the same compatibility as that of bluetooth, and hike direct completely eliminates that compatibility issue.

Speaking on the launch, Kavin Mittal, Founder & CEO hike messenger added “Today is the day we completely redefine messaging. Hike Direct has been built on breakthrough technology that adds a whole new dimension to messaging enabling hikers to chat and share files with their friends without the internet and without incurring any data charges. One can get speeds up to 40 Mbit/sec when chatting and sharing files through hike direct. Data or no data, hike will always work. It’s incredibly powerful.”

To use hike direct, users simply need to open a chat with a friend and choose Hike Direct from the 3 dot menu on top right of the screen and hike does the rest. Hike automatically pairs up with the other phone and lets you chat and share files with your friends without the internet. Users can get this feature by upgrading to the latest version of hike, version 4.0.6 and above, which is available free on the Google Play Store starting today. Hike Direct on iOS, Windows to follow next year.

The company also announced that it crossed 70 million users last month with 20 billion messages being exchanged per month making it by far the 2nd largest messaging app in the country. An average user on hike spends over 140 minutes per week on the application. The all new hike has recently been upgraded to 4.0 version with best in class features developed to deliver greater value to users such as news, hindi news bytes, localized stickers in 30 languages, automatic sticker suggestions, Group calling, Group chat upto 500 members, 100 MB file sharing and many more.

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