Nokia relaunches HERE maps and navigation app for iOS

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Nokia has re-launched HERE maps application for the iPhone, which brings it back to the iOS platform after almost a year long absence. This time around, Nokia seems to have revamped the app, as now the UI is customized for iOS and looks good. Apart from the regular mapping functions, the app also provides public transit info (which Apple Maps still lacks), live traffic feed, and images and reviews of locations.

The most talked about feature in HERE is its offline map service, which allows users to download maps for particular countries and regions in order to navigate turn-by-turn while being offline. Offline maps come as a major advantage for travelers or any user with a limited mobile internet plan. Interestingly, Google Maps also has offline maps, but the feature is confusing and limited in nature.

HERE maps for iOS

Nokia launched HERE maps for Android last year, before that it was only available on Samsung smartphones for a brief period. The mapping app has been catering to Windows Phones for some time now, but as we know that Nokia is now free from its phone production division, we might soon witness the company branching out as a bigger player in the software arena.

However, no matter how good Nokia’s maps are, it will face a stiff competition Google Maps, which acts as a default mapping app for iOS and Android.


  • Maps for more than 150 countries available for download and offline usage
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn drive or pedestrian navigation for 118 countries, with or without data connection
  • Public transit routing for more than 950 cities in more than 50 countries, also available offline
  • A unified route planner with estimated arrival times, convenient to compare walking, taking public transit or driving
  • Real-time traffic information for more than 40 countries, including France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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