GTPL Hathway Recommended Channel Packs Now Available Across Regional Languages Starting at Rs 230

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GTPL Hathway which is a big player in the cable TV and broadband industry has launched its new recommended packs. It is worth noting that while the other big DTH providers have started the migration process and are debuting new plans and packages on a rapid scale, the cable operators are lagging in terms of migrating their subscribers to the new packs. Some of the cable TV operators are manually taking inputs via forms for the transition to the new Trai based channels and packs. With the launch of the new recommended packs, however, GTPL Hathway subscribers won’t have to scourge through a long list of channels to find the ones worth watching. These packs would help the subscribers in getting the most watched channels in a single selection.

GTPL Hathway Recommended Packs Details and Pricing

The new recommended packs launched by GTPL have been divided into categories depending on the languages. The various classifications available in the GTPL portfolio include Hindi language packs, packs in Gujarati, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Telugu, Bihar and Jharkhand packs and FTA recommended packs. The Hindi packs available include the Hindi starter pack at Rs 230, Hindi Popular pack at Rs 280, Hindi premium pack at Rs 330 Hindi Premium Plus pack at Rs 390, Hindi Platinum Pack at Rs 425, Hindi Diamond HD pack at Rs 425 and the Hindi Diamond HD Plus Pack at Rs 525. The Gujarati packs are also available in the same pricing options, but they come with a particular emphasis on Gujarati channel as you would expect. The Telugu starter pack in the GTPL Hathway portfolio starts at Rs 230 and goes on as high as Rs 480 for the Telugu Diamond HD Pack.

Further, the FTA recommended plans being provided by GTPL Hathway come with a bunch of FTA plans again classified into regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Assamese and Bengali and more. These packs are all available for the Rs 153.40 price tag and bundle the FTA channels along with the mandatory 25 DD channels. The detailed packs can be viewed here.

GTPL Hathway Added 200,000 Active Subscribers

It is worth noting that in the last year, GTPL Hathway has grown in leaps and bounds. Recently, the operator came out with its quarter three earnings report, where it highlighted that the company sold 300,000 set-top boxes (STBs) thus marking the total number of seeded STBs at 9.50 million. The company also added 200,000 Active STB subscribers during the said period, translating to an active STB subscriber count of eight million. The company has also added 170,000 digital paying subscribers during the quarter thus pegging the total digitally paying subscriber count to 7.45 million.

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