Gsma Gives Green Signal To Starhome Gateway Location Register

By April 2nd, 2010 AT 7:10 PM

Gsma Gives Green Signal To Starhome Gateway Location RegisterStarhome, the leading provider and acknowledged driving force of roaming services for mobile network operators, today announced that the BARG (Billing and Accounting Roaming Group) of the GSM Association, has determined that the Gateway Location Register (GLR) solution is not an Anti-SoR (Anti Steering of Roaming) solution and cannot be considered as a hostile means to maintain roamers in an operator’s network.

The Gateway Location Register works by providing a mechanism for aggregating individual MSCs (mobile switch control) to reduce the MAP (Mobile Application Part) signalling between the HPMN (Home Public Mobile Network) and the VPMN (Visited Public Mobile Network).

As a result, the Gateway Location Register provides the VPMN with the ability to significantly reduce the amount of signaling messages sent to its signaling provider and toward other Home Public Mobile Networks (HPMNs).

Throughout the last 10 years, Starhome has led the roaming market with pioneering solutions. Its Gateway Location Register was the first solution of its kind to be introduced to the market more than three years ago, gaining Starhome a strategic advantage over its competitors.
Starhome’s experience of providing more than 65 successful live installations of its Gateway Location Register solution have shown that it is the preferred solution, providing proven results while complying with GSMA recommendations.

Shlomo Wolfman, co-founder and COO of Starhome commented: “Operators can now feel confident of using Starhome’s Gateway Location Register as a means to increase their inbound market share. Starhome has always maintained that its Gateway Location Register is a legitimate solution to manage and optimize operator’s inbound roaming traffic; we are happy that BARG has confirmed this.”

The Starhome Gateway Location Register has enhanced capabilities that go beyond the 3GPP standard; with more than 65 implementations of the Gateway Location Register, 20% of which are in Tier 1 networks, the solution provides the network infrastructure with intelligent roaming capabilities to monitor, manage, optimize and maintain a high quality of service for inbound roamer traffic.

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