Google to unveil an operating system ‘Brillo’ for Internet of Things

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As per the reports by The Information, Google is reportedly developing a new operating system known as Brillo, and the company will bring it out of the veil at the I/O conference, which will be held in San Francisco on May 28. The I/O 2015 is also seen as a major event for the unveiling of Android M, it is dubbed to bring along an array of native apps to the platform such as Fingerprint authentication. Moreover, the event might also see the announcement of new standalone Photos app.
In accordance with the report, Brillo will be launched under the label of Android, but it will support the low-end devices that come with 32MB/64MB of RAM. To sum it, we can say that Brillo is a downsized version of Android OS and it is mostly positioned towards powering the Internet of Things IoT.
Google is taking a keen interest in the IoT market as it holds a lot more development in the future. The new OS will be powering home appliances such as mixers, washing machines, fridges, etc and through Brillo these devices will be able to work automatically and also communicate smartly.
To add more, Brillo will enable manufacturers to build better smart devices. Also, it will provide Google with other important details about the user such as, sleeping pattern, eating regime and many more. Interestingly, Google acquired Nest Labs (smart thermostats maker) in the year 2014 for $3.1 billion, and now it will be using Brillo as its major OS.

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