Google Search for Android and iOS Gets a New Feature to Display Events Around Your Location

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Google Search, one of the key services in the Google’s entire product portfolio is receiving a new update which brings an excellent feature called ‘Events,’ that shows all the happenings around you.


From today, you can type the command: ‘concerts around you,’ on the Google Search and the application will respond to your query by displaying all the concerts happening nearby your location or in your city. For example, Google demonstrated the feature by typing ‘Jazz concerts in Austin,’ command. In the search, it showed all the Jazz concerts nearby the location in a nice stack based interface. If you want to see all the events around your location, you can simply search for events around you.

The interface is pretty clean as you can see in the image above and it shows the events happening today, tomorrow, etc. You can also see what events are scheduled to happen next week in your city. It’s a nice little feature to have around. Previously, users used to rely on ticket booking services to know details regarding events that are happening in their vicinity.

The application displays the events based on your location as it uses your location services by default. However, this feature is currently available only for the users of the US and Google did not inform when they are planning to bring this feature to India.
Users in the US can access this feature in both the mobile app and web version of Google. Also, users can book the concert tickets directly from the Search screen itself, making it much easier for the users.

It will be interesting if Google brings the Events feature to India as well since a good number of events have been happening around us on a daily basis. Also, in the US, there are other services such as Meetup, Eventbrite which does the same work of displaying events happening around. That being said, having this feature in our daily used application makes the job a lot easier.

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