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In the year 2020, when the pandemic hit the world and brought down everything along with it, many businesses took a hit as they had to shut down all their offices across locations following government protocols. Even though offices were to remain closed and non-functional, business never stops. This led to companies exploring alternate working model like Work-From-Home. Back in the day when COVID-19 wasn’t a thing, work from home (WFH) was just mandatory compliance by companies to ensure a healthy and smooth Business Resiliency Plan, and now, it has become the only option to keep the business running. Countries all around the world are still imposing restrictions on the opening up of commercial offices. If you are a new employee and this is your first job amidst these lockdowns, here are a few ways to ensure your broadband connection at home is well suited for working from home.

Broadband Speed Should Be Fast Enough

The most important aspect when it comes to ensuring smooth working from home experience is adequate speed. The speed you require will depend on the nature of your work. If your work involves just sending a lot of emails and light internet usage, then 10 Mbps speed would be sufficient for you.

However, if your work is requiring a lot of data for video calling, downloading and uploading large files, then you would require higher speed internet. You could either choose to strategise your internet usage at home or consider upgrading your internet plan altogether.

Your Computer Needs Streamlining

There are many applications that you might not actively use but can drain not just your computer’s battery but also use bandwidth unnecessarily and make your internet slow. These can include program updates, security scans, media player pop-ups, media-rich web pages and chat notification. Before you start working, make sure you close all these pop-ups, applications and windows so that you receive the bandwidth you require for work. This will free up the bandwidth of your home broadband connection and make things faster.

Router Set-Up and Placement must be Accurate

It is popularly known that higher frequency bandwidths have lower wavelengths. Even though you chose a high-speed internet plan for your home broadband connection, an accurate setup and placement of your router will ensure that you receive that speed and a stable connection.

You should make sure that your router is always connected to the master socket and not an extension. Once that is done, the next step is to ensure that the router is positioned upright and in the middle of the house to remain unobstructed from walls and other blocking elements. Make sure to keep your router away from other electronic devices as such devices can disrupt your Wi-Fi connection as well.

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