Fourth Take On Indian Telecom Industry –THE PRICE WAR

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Fourth Take On Indian Telecom Industry The Price War Telecom Price war like never-ever before, what exactly do you call a situation where you are about to dine and having 52 dishes ready in your buffet and you are thinking of what to eat and what to leave.

Our Indian telecom market is about to set in this connotation I guess if one tries to remember which were the plans offered by any particular operator within a span of week he/she might fell himself stuck with amnesia.

If looked correctly all these plans and offerings are just revolving around one SUN and that’s ‘NEW SUBS ADDIN’, still in Indian telecom market getting the maximum of new subscribers per month is been given amongst top priority and simultaneously maintaining the existing subscriber base remains the part of it.

If you look around news headlines these days they are more or less likely as “Diwali Special Festive offer”, “Launch of Low tariff plan”, “Introduction of Per second pulse”, “Again Lowest tariff Buzz”, or something like “Unlimited Dialer tones” or “Super second & Super saral packs” and many more like these no matter who the Operator is and no matter in which area its operating, the price war of Indian telecom market is getting intense day by day.

New operators coming into expansion setting up there bases from state to state and again 3G auction delayed from the previous proposed date due to some new reasons. Few days back an ideal Tech-savvy mobile user was keeping 3G in mind while buying a new cellphone with consideration to it and now again the thought is drifted to “Yarr jab 3G lauch hoga tab hi handset dekhenge pata nahi abhi kitna time hai launch hone mei” I really can’t predict that if through 3G launch they are testing the patience of Indian mobile users or else.

Customers says that mobile Low tariff plans always are good but no one would have thought that a Low tariff plan or TRAI’s announcement of compulsory per second pulse can swap Rs. 54000 Cr from the share market and it really happened with the introduction of 50p pulse flat by RCom a wave of lowest tariff buzz in the country enthralled every one and the thought was aroused that now other Telecos will again be lowering there tariff’s but no ideal customer would have thought what happened as an aftermath of this RCom’s flat 50p pulse it hampered a damage of Rs 35,000 crore to Bharti’s valuation in bourses, Bharti Airtel’s share prices witnessed a downfall by almost 10 % for two consecutive days Over the whole of last week, Bharti Airtel observed wearing away of Rs 35,000 crore in its market valuation. RCom meanwhile witnessed its valuation declining by 21 % over last week at Rs 14,169 crore.Such a huge loss just a result to 50p pulse. Did anybody imagined it????

And that’s not all as ‘how happy we were when we collectively heard of TRAI making per second pulse mandatory’ and any guesses where it leaded to, Our listed telcos collectively lost Rs 54,000 crore last week as TRAI’s proposed move to make per second billing mandatory compounded investor concerns. Idea lost Rs 3534 crore with share price sliding by 15 % over the whole of last week. MTNL lost Rs 522 crore, Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Rs 531 crore, Tata Communication Rs 370 crore, Spice Communication Rs 227 crore and HFCL Infotel Rs 35 crore, anything still needed to be said just as also tagged above “The Price war in Indian Telecom Market is of fire like never before” and lets see what happens next .

All our Telecom talk readers are welcome to share there views and foray healthy discussions

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