Fiberklaar Announces Expansion of Fiber Network in Belgian Municipalities

Fiberklaar's recent announcements reveal their fiber network expansion to several Belgian municipalities, offering high-speed connectivity to urban and rural areas.


  • Deinze and Zulte set for fiber readiness with free connections.
  • Gavere, Oudenaarde, and Kruisem welcomed into the network.
  • Aalst grows further with Erembodegem, Meldert, and Moorsel inclusion.

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Fiberklaar Announces Expansion of Fiber Network in Belgian Municipalities

Belgian operator Fiberklaar has recently revealed developments in its fibre network expansion, bringing high-speed connectivity to several municipalities in Belgium. The company recently announced that it will provide Erembodegem, Meldert, and Moorsel communities with fibre: more details and previous developments in the story ahead.

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Fiber Infrastructure in Aalst

On July 20th, Fiberklaar announced its expansion continues, as the company bring fibre connectivity to additional areas in Aalst. Erembodegem, Meldert, and Moorsel communities now have the opportunity to join the open fibre optic network for free. Building on the success of a previous information round in Nieuwerkerken, Fiberklaar extends this opportunity to approximately 9,100 addresses in these regions.

Gavere, Oudenaarde, and Kruisem Embrace Fiber

Expanding its reach even further, Fiberklaar announced on June 29th that its network will now cover the municipalities of Gavere, Oudenaarde, and Kruisem, situated in the picturesque Flemish Ardennes region. Fiberklaar stated that this expansion will benefit approximately 6,250 addresses, particularly focusing on the boroughs of Asper, Eine, and Zingem. As the rollout is taking place in phases, other boroughs within these municipalities will be covered in subsequent stages, stated the fibre operator.

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Deinze and Zulte to Become Fiber Ready

On July 3rd, Fiberklaar announced that Deinze and Zulte are now set to become fibre-ready. According to Fiberklaar, since 20 percent of the population has already signed up for a free fibre connection, encouraged by the enthusiastic response, the company has begun the construction of the Fiberklaar Network.

In collaboration with contractor F4F, fibre optic cables are being laid underground to ensure seamless and reliable connectivity for the communities of Deinze and Zulte. F4F's expert team is working diligently to connect all eligible households to the high-speed network.

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Fiberklaar's ongoing efforts to expand its fibre network across various municipalities in Belgium reflect its commitment to bridging the digital divide and providing access to advanced internet services in both Urban and Rural areas. Residents in the covered areas can now look forward to enhanced online experiences and improved access to digital resources.

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