Update: TATA Docomo to shutdown CDMA network in Andhra Pradesh

Following RCOM’s decision to shut down its CDMA network across the country as part of 4G upgrade, TATA Docomo has now announced that it will shutdown its CDMA network in Andhra Pradesh circle. As per update from Docomo customer care, Tata Docomo CDMA services will not be available in the circle from 30-06-2016.


Interestingly, Docomo hasn’t announced any plans to upgrade to 4G like RCOM.  As per the update we got from Docomo customer care “Due to various external and technical reasons the service to your Tata Docomo CDMA services will not be available from 30-06-2016“. Docomo has asked its subscribers to migrate to GSM service through  INP (Internal Number Portability) ahead of the shutdown.

It is not clear if CDMA network will be continued in other circle as well, when we cross checked with Docomo Kerala team they were not aware about it. It is worth to note that Docomo had acquired 3.75Mhz of 800MHz spectrum in last auction taking its total holding in the circle to 6.25MHz, which is enough to launch 4G LTE service. Apart from Andhra Pradesh, Docomo has above 5Mhz  spectrum in 800Mhz band in Maharashtra, Delhi and Mumbai.

Earlier, Docomo CDMA closed its operation in North East, Assam and Jammu & Kashmir after supreme court cancelled its license. BSNL also had shutdown its CDMA operations in many circles due to low revenues. With TATA DOCOMO also saying adieu to CDMA and MTS merging with RCOM, CDMA technology is facing its extinction in India.

Inputs: Raja Mohan

Update: It has come to our notice that Tata Docomo will be continuing the CDMA service this was pointed out by Suri Sravankumar in his latest interaction with Tata Docomo customer care, at the time when the story was first published the Customer care gave us a different version to us.

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sravan kumar suri
April 12, 2017 8:08 pm 8:08 PM

is TATADocomo closing its postpaid services in Andhra Pradesh? The site is silent about post paid plan for AP.

July 15, 2016 5:29 pm 5:29 PM

Is this true tata CDMA will shut down in rest of Maharashtra??

June 28, 2016 3:59 pm 3:59 PM

Tata Docomo CDMA is working fine in Hyderabad……After Reliance CDMA Shutting down CDMA Service, the Handsets can now be used with Tata CDMA Sim After Unlocking it if it was Locked…Still Today Many Peoples specially Low income Group Peoples want just calling Facility instead of 4G & They don’t want to throw Phone becaz some Operator just Close Down Service…..Peoples who want 3G/4G Already Move to it long time ago by will…