Ericsson Teams Up With 2degrees for 5G Expansion in New Zealand

Ericsson will provide 5G RAN and core solutions to 2degrees for developing 5G ecosystem


Ericsson has teamed up with renowned telecom operator 2degrees to offer 5G network services in New Zealand. The information was released by the telecom giant in the latest release. The partnership with Ericsson will allow 2degrees to maximise the capacity of 4G capacity twice of the current state. Initially, the company is eyeing Auckland and Wellington for the 5G sites. However, network expansion plans will begin soon with the prospect of nearly 700 5G sites. As reported by RCR Wireless, Ericsson was selected for the same following a multi-vendor selection process.

Ericsson Strives to Deliver Effective 5G Network in New Zealand

Mark Aue, who is the CEO of 2degrees, stated that Ericsson is rapidly increasing its business in multiple nations by offering fast and reliable 5G networks. Also, Ericsson is targeting the New Zealand market and is looking to provide the telco’s customers with the technology that is underpinning the globe’s best 5G networks across five continents, including Australia’s leading mobile network. Aue further stated that Ericsson was picked following a multi-vendor selection process.

He further said that 2degrees is building an advanced ecosystem that will be launched at the right time. Tracing back to the last 18 months, there have been significant changes and advances in the 5G ecosystem, and 2degrees strive to match with the pace of 5G development and advances. Towards the end, the colossal base of 2degrees will reap multiple benefits from the mature and proven technology.

The Move to 5G is Natural Evolution for 2degrees

Aue shed light on the preparations of 2degrees and stated that the telecom giant started replacing the core of its network in 2020, and it can now accelerate the development of 5G with pre-planned upgrade of existing sites. He further said the switch to the 5G ecosystem is a natural evolution, just like 3G and 4G. The entire funding of developing and expanding the 5G ecosystem has been addressed by the entity in their capital investment plan.

Emilio Romeo, who is the head of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand, marked that the vendor will provide its 5G RAN and core solutions. Currently, 2degrees provide mobile services to subscribers via a nationwide network of 1800 sites that reaches nearly 98.5% of the country.

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