Dec 31st and Jan 1 Will be a SMS Blackout Day From Most Operators

Year end and new years day i.e. Dec 31st and Jan 1st are the days of celebration and in these two days you can send unlimited SMS to your family and friends! There will be no restriction of 200 SMS per day .

But unlimited SMSing during this festive days will cost you more, most operator will charge you at the base tariff – Rs 1 for Local SMS and Rs 1.5 for National SMS.

So be careful while sending SMS on these SMS blackout days you may end up in huge balance reduction or bill shock at the end of the month.

Some operators declared SMS blackout day only on Jan 1st, for some SMS blackout days is applicable for both days .

So what is the other ways?

Use Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Blackberry Messenger or log in to websites which offer Free SMS.But do note that if the receiver has registered in DND register, he will not get sms from these websites. Our preference goes with 160by2, way2sms.

As a customer whats your take should Year End Dec 31st and New Years Eve Jan 1 2012 treated as a SMS Blackout day do let us know via comments.

Happy Texting .

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January 3, 2012 3:13 am 3:13 AM

i used jaxterSms app 4 sending msgs…..

January 2, 2012 10:49 pm 10:49 PM

Reliance GSM Tamilnadu said that it will start charging for SMS from 31-12-2012 onwards.

For example :

It will charge on 31-12-2012 and on 01-01-2013, 31-12-2013 and 01-01-2014 and so on in addition to the other blackout days.

But 14th Feb is not a blackout day !!!. I want it to be one of the blackout day.

January 2, 2012 8:42 am 8:42 AM

Saurabh :

vasu :

sourav chatterjee :
reliance gsm does not have a black out day on niether 25 dec nor 31 dec unlike every operaters even like bsnl also. good for reliance sms lovers.

NO Reliance is charging as per base sms tariff, pack NOT working in delhi

It may vary due to variation in time of its activation.
For old activation (Simply Reliance- No condition offer), it is working (as I saw in few cases).

No reliance is charging as per sms pack these 2 days ………