D2h Boosts Regional Channel Offerings via New HD Combo Channel Packs

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DTH subscribers are still facing some issues related to new channel packs. Especially, subscribers of D2h and Dish TV complain about the lack of proper response to their queries from the operators. However, that isn't stopping D2h from launching new channel packs to its subscribers. In its latest move, Direct-to-the-home (DTH) service provider, D2h, has unveiled a wide range of HD channel packs in regional languages to boost its content offerings. So far, Tata Sky emerged as the winner when it came to regional offerings, however, both D2h and Dish TV and giving a tough fight to Tata Sky. Very recently, the DTH provider D2h also launched BST packs across various languages and it's one of the first operator to offer all the FTA channels at Rs 153.

D2h HD Combo Packs Starting at Rs 188

Like we mentioned above, D2h has come out with its HD combo plans, and now, it will be shipping recommended HD channel packs along with its previously listed SD combo channel packs. It is also crucial to keep note that unlike Sun Direct, D2h will be charging for the FTA channels which subscriber select over the set limit of 100 SD channels. D2h has also announced the slab for the same it is set at Re 1 for every channel per month, and this will be the pricing till 15 channels. If a subscriber adds additional 16 to 25 channels on top of his or her 100 channel base pack, then the pricing will be Rs 20 per month. Another thing to note is that this pricing will be the Network Capacity Fee or NCF.

To tell you the HD Combo plans which D2h has listed, the service provider has come out with Silver HD Combo plan which has a rental of Rs 188, and it contains channels from genres like infotainment, music, News and more. Next up is the Gold HD Combo which will be available for subscribers at Rs 318. The Diamonds Kids HD Combo will be a higher offering which will set you back by Rs 405. The Diamond HD Combo will be available for the D2h subscribers at Rs 455. There is also a Diamond Sports HD Combo which will add the sports channels on top of the channels which are being offered as part of the standard Diamond Combo offering, and this plan will be available to the subscribers for Rs 351. For users who would like to have many more channels on their subscription, there is also the Platinum HD Combo, and it will come with a price tag of Rs 586 per month thus making it the priciest offering in D2h’s HD portfolio. Do make a note that you'll be required the D2h HD set-top box for watching these HD combos. The full list of HD plans can be viewed here.

The newly launched regional HD Combo packs are Silver Marathi HD Combo, Gold Marathi HD Combo, Silver Bengali HD Combo, Gold Bengali HD Combo, Silver Tamil HD Combo, Gold Tamil HD Combo, Silver Telugu HD Combo, Gold Telugu HD Combo, Silver Kannada HD Combo, Gold Kannada HD Combo, Silver Malayalam HD Combo and Gold Malayalam HD Combo.

D2h Lists DRPs for the HD Combo Channel Packs

Subscribers of D2h should also be aware that the price which D2h has listed for all these HD plans are DRPs or Distributor’s Retail Price and they might fluctuate in the coming times. Being DRPs, taxes will also be applicable on top of these prices. In case you are already having some ideas about what plans you might opt for, you can go and finalise your choices on the D2h website easily, or if not, you will also have the option of fully customising your subscription by selecting channels individually.

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