Cost, signal and customer service are the major factors to remain with a service provider, reveals survey

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According to a recent survey conducted by Firstsource Solutions Limited, a RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group company, it was found that the customer service is a significant factor that prompts people to review their mobile phone contracts. The survey had its sample group of more than 2000 adults. mobile-india-airtel The complexity involved in the technology and phone functionality makes people seek better customer care. During the age, when the data is susceptible to loss and issues like hacking, it is a natural practice that the customer service is valued more. Around 27 percent of the respondents marked customer service as important. However, in the survey, the cost of contract and reliable connectivity still remained the top parameters to renew the contracts. The cost factor was raised by 55 percent of the participants, which tops the reason for staying with the existing mobile service provider. Good mobile signal followed, with around 45 percent of people citing it as important. Customer service raked the third top position, with 27 percent marking it as important. Other factors like upgrades, add ons, time taken to switch from one provider to another, competitive costs et cetera too were marked as the notable reasons to stay with a mobile provider for a long period.

“As coverage of a recent Ofcom (communications regulator in UK) telco complaints report on consumer complaints showed recently, as the complexity of phones and our reliance on them has grown, if your mobile stops working then so can you. That’s why receiving good customer service from your mobile operator is now more important than ever,” commented Sid Parashar, Senior Vice President, Client Relationship Management, Firstsource Solutions.
The survey was undertaken by YouGov and consisted of interviews with 2,168 nationally representative respondents earlier this year. All interviews were conducted online with YouGov panelists.

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