BSNL relaxes the applicability clause for BroadBand Plans, a good move

BSNL is trying hard to focus on its Broadband as it has the most extensive reach in terms of connectivity. It has relaunched many of the popular Broadband plans and also introduced new plans to woo the customers. They recently also slashed the Modem prices so that the entire broadband setup will become affordable. They have recently revised the applicability of popular plans so that they will appease to a larger masses.


The Unlimited plans like the UL 545 has been revised to all users where as before it was only applicable for Home users. The same goes with the UL 675, ULD 800 and ULD 999. The BB Home Rural combo which was earlier restricted to the Rural Home has been revised to All Rural Users.

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October 17, 2014 5:29 pm 5:29 PM

We really need a good broadband provider. Most of the Broadband providers I have used have lot of downtime’s except Airtel which is sucking a lot of money.

October 17, 2014 7:19 pm 7:19 PM

BSNL broadband is best in terms of less downtime (less than 10 non continuous days in a year).

October 17, 2014 2:05 pm 2:05 PM

Shit. Who will subscribe if you (BSNL) change the applicability?. Increase the upload and the download speed after fair usage to 2 Mbps (256 KB / s). Then see.

APpL€ LoVeR™
October 17, 2014 11:49 am 11:49 AM

I think BSNL gonna stop its GSM mobile services in coming up years.

B M Das
October 17, 2014 1:41 pm 1:41 PM

My Dear, Please share your logic behind your such imagination. I am belongs to Odisha circle where network is good and this Circle is one of profit making Circle of BSNL.

APpL€ LoVeR™
October 17, 2014 2:35 pm 2:35 PM
Please go through this news and say what you think about it: I think it Means no enough spectrum for BSNL(only 1.2MHz in 1800MHz band,which reduce quality of service,no network coverage,data speeds will be less,high congestion rate,much call drops) and reduce further the network coverage of BSNL by giving 1800MHz and make BSNL totally unfit for indoor usage,you can never think about using BSNL inside your house. Please say your views upon this change of band.Do you believe after this change of band people stuck with BSNL only for using in outdoors?or do you have a view that BSNL should… Read more »
B M Das
October 17, 2014 5:50 pm 5:50 PM

Thanks a lot for describing the details, but i am shocked. Whenever government never compromise on taking license fee from BSNL, so how can govt take such decision which will badly affect the BSNL network. God Knows.

S Gopal
October 17, 2014 7:06 pm 7:06 PM

If it is true that BSNL will be left with only 1800 MHz and bow out of 900 MHz, it is nothing short of sabotage. All users will agree that 1800 Mhz is crap and the main reason for pathetic networks while indoors.