Broadband and Leased Line: Differences You Must Know

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There are various ways through which people can set up an Internet connection. The most common means by which users get Internet access at a fixed subscription cost are broadband line and leased line. Talking in simple terms, both technologies offer Internet access to users, but both have major differences. Leased line in easy terms is a dedicated connection which the users get between their premises and local exchange. As of broadband line, users do get a connection between their premises and location exchange, but they don’t get a dedicated connection. Though both the technologies use cables to provide Internet access, both the technologies have different ways. One of the major differences between the broadband line and lease line is the dedicated line. Both the lines originate from a fixed source, but if the users choose a leased line, they get a dedicated connection which offers multiple advantages over broadband lines. Here are all the other major differences between the broadband line and fixed-line which users must know before getting an Internet connection.


One of the major differences between the broadband line and a leased line is the speed. Since the broadband line is not a dedicated line, the connection line is shared with other users which reduces the speed of Internet connection. Talking about the leased line, since users get dedicated circuit for their use, their connection is not shared with any other user, and as a result, the leased line offers massive Internet speed. The broadband line sometimes offers higher download speed than uploads. However, lease line offers symmetrical high-speed Internet to users so that they can cater to their Internet needs.

Latency and Jitter

Latency and Jitter issues ruin the comfortable and hassle-free Internet experience of users. In case if the users are fond of gaming or they are professional gamers, latency and jitter problems ruin the gameplay. Mostly, it is seen that broadband line connections face latency and jitter issues. Since the leased line offers consistent and symmetrical speed, users don’t face any latency and jitter issues. Sometimes if the connection is not shared with multiple users in broadband lines, the latency and jitter issues do not create much hassle for users.


For people who don’t know bandwidth, in simple terms bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer in a given circuit or path. In leased lines, users get bandwidth reserved for them 24/7. So, users get high bandwidth all the time. However, the case is completely different in broadband lines. Since the circuit is shared with multiple users, the bandwidth is unstable as everyone in the connection line actively uses their Internet connections.


It must be quite obvious now that both the technologies have extensive price difference. Since a leased line is a dedicated line, it offers the highest speed Internet with high bandwidth and lower latency issues. For all these reasons, the leased line is priced higher as compared to the broadband line. However, the pricing also depends upon the different Internet packages which the users select from the lot.

Reliable Service

Reliable service post connection is also one of the major factors to evaluate the difference broadband line and leased line. We all know that technical issues are worst since the entire working gets hampered. But if the users opt for broadband line connection, the hassle increases for them as issues in broadband line sometimes take days to get fixed. However, if the users opt for leased lines, their hassle is reduced as technical issues get fixed within a matter of hours so that users don’t miss out on important work and research.

In the end, the need of users is important as it will help them evaluate which technology, they must go with to set up an Internet connection which will cater to their Internet needs. If the users are looking for extremely high-speed Internet data, higher bandwidth and lower latency issues, they must check out the leased line technology.

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