Broadband India Forum Urges Government to Implement Pending NDCP

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Broadband India Forum (BIF) has urged the government to implement the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) which has been on hold for nearly two years. BIF President TV Ramachandran stated his views in a letter which was drafted on May 06, 2020, and said that BIF thinks this is the perfect time to roll out the policies of NDC as it has already been finalised by the government. The implementation of the NDCP 2018 structure will also bring a new digital reform in the digital ecosystem of India. BIF has also urged telecom secretary Anshu Prakash to at least consider 13 recommendations out of 31 stated by Trai regarding NDCP.

Trai has Made 31 Recommendations Regarding NDCP

National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) is the first policy in the Indian telecom industry that has included recommendations made by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). BIF president Ramachandran has said the government must implement recommendations made by Trai as it would help the sector. Some of the proposals rolled out by Trai regarding NDCP are opening of E and V spectrum in industry, promotion of opening new public Wi-Fi networks, enhanced and stable network connectivity in Disaster management and many more. This news is reported by PTI.

NDCP Will Ease the Business Sector in India

NDCP was approved in a cabinet meeting which happened back in 2018 to reform the digital sector of India. NDCP 2018 had reforms to reduce tax duties on telecom players to wipe of financial distress. Not only this, but NDCP also promised to reduce the spectrum price. As 5G is the future technology which would boost the commercial operations, NDCP also had provisions for installing more spectrum bands to facilitate 5G network for a comfortable rollout of the technology in future. NDCP also promised massive fibre roll out in India. There are various other measures mentioned NDCP 2018, which would help the business sector in India. Though the NDCP was approved two years back, the entire digital communication industry operating in India is waiting for the implementation of the polices to create a wave of digital transformation in India.

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