Bharti Airtel Rs 1,599 Postpaid Plan Is the Only One Offering Unlimited Data Along with Add-on Connection

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Bharti Airtel is one of the best telecom operators to choose from when it comes to postpaid plans. There are ample reasons to support the same. The Bharti Airtel postpaid portfolio underwent a massive change earlier this year, and now they mostly come with a high price tag now. Not only this, but these plans also offer some of the most attractive benefits in the name of Airtel Thanks. But, right now we are not going to be talking about economic plans or low-value plans, but on the contrary, the plan that we are focusing on today is the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan which is also of the highest value in the entire Bharti Airtel postpaid portfolio. So, what are the benefits that the Rs 1,599 plan offers over the other postpaid plans and what are the things that separate it from the rest? Read ahead to find out.


Bharti Airtel Rs 1,599 Postpaid Plan Benefits

If you look at all the postpaid plans that Bharti Airtel offers, you will find that the unique proposition that the Bharti Airtel postpaid plans offer is the add-on connections for the family members. While the Rs 499 postpaid plan does not come with this feature, the Rs 749 plan offers two family add-ons, and the Rs 999 offers four family add-ons. However, going by this pattern, you would expect the higher Rs 1,599 postpaid plan to offer more family add-on connections, but that is not the case. The catch with the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan is that it ships with unlimited data and only one family add-on connection.

Unlimited Data is the Attraction of Bharti Airtel Rs 1,599 Postpaid Plan

It is also interesting to note that this postpaid plan in the Bharti Airtel postpaid portfolio is the only one that comes with the unlimited data tag, whereas, the penultimate Rs 999 postpaid plan only comes with 150GB data. But, there is catch to the unlimited data tag as Bharti Airtel has noted that actually under the FUP limit, the plan offers 500GB data and after this exhaustion, the data speed is throttled down to 80 Kbps. However, even if you draw a comparison between the closest Rs 999 postpaid plan and the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan, you will see that this plan offers over three times data as compared to the Rs 999 postpaid plan while only coming for 1.5 times the price. There is, of course, the unlimited calling benefit bundled with this plan. Not only this, but being the highest postpaid plan in the portfolio, the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan comes with all the Airtel Thanks benefits as well.

Airtel Thanks Benefits

The Airtel Thanks benefits with the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan includes the Netflix subscription for three months and an Amazon Prime subscription for a year worth Rs 999. The subscribers also get handset protection, subscription to Airtel Xstream app, a complimentary ZEE5 subscription.

Bharti Airtel Rs 1,599 Postpaid Plan: International Calling Benefits

The Rs 1,599 postpaid plan benefits do not only end here. But, if you are interested in making international calls or you want to use a bit of international roaming, then this plan would come handy. As part of this plan, the subscribers also get 200 ISD minutes and 10% off on all International Roaming packs.

Considering all of the benefits of the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan it can be said that if you want to access unlimited data and you have a family member with whom you can club your postpaid connection, then the R 1,599 postpaid plan could be one of the best options to go for. The added Airtel Thanks benefits which come with a plan are also something that add to the attraction.

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