Bharti Airtel Outranks Other Telcos in 6 Out of 10 Top Cities in India With Quality and Download Speeds: Report

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In its report of India State of Mobile Networks 2019 published in February, Tutela deemed Bharti Airtel to be the best telecom operator in terms of download speeds and other factors. It seems that the same trend has continued itself to Tutela’s second observation too since now the agency has come up with a new report which takes into study the top ten largest cities of India. Tutela said that even while considering the top 10 cities of India, Bharti Airtel emerged as telco with the highest excellent, consistent quality in 6 out of 10 cities. Tutela also reported that out of all the cities, Mumbai was the one to report top download speeds of 7.6 Mbps average, whereas Delhi ranked on the sixth spot for overall consistent quality.

Hyderabad's Data Flow Mostly on Wi-Fi, Jaipur's on 4G Network

The latest report by Tutela highlighted that on the parameter of the highest excellent quality score, Hyderabad stood on the top spot among the top ten cities with 52.7% of tests meeting or exceeding Tutela’s threshold. On the other metric of Tutela, the overall highest basic consistent quality score, Kolkata emerged as the winner with 98% of successful connections which proved to be adequate for essential work like web browsing or emails.

Like we mentioned above, the report also highlighted that Bharti Airtel emerged as the clear winner with the highest excellent, consistent quality in six of the ten cities which included Mumbai and Delhi. In Kolkata and Jaipur, Reliance Jio emerged as the top operator, whereas in Bengaluru it was Vodafone and in Chennai it was Idea. Interestingly, the data also showed a wide gap in the means of data usage over 3G and 4G compared to Wi-Fi. While in Jaipur, the agency witnessed the highest traffic over 4G at 75.3%, Hyderabad had most data usage over Wi-Fi at 49.4%. This was also likely the reason for relieving network congestion and the highest excellent quality score in Hyderabad.

Airtel Ranks on Top in Mumbai and New Delhi

Speaking of individual cities, even though Mumbai was the most populous city of all ten, it stood on the third rank on excellent, consistent quality score. In Mumbai, Airtel again emerged as the top performer with the average download speed coming out to be 9 Mbps. In terms of basic consistent quality, Reliance Jio was on the top spot in Mumbai, with Airtel ranking on the second spot. Another interesting thing to note was that Mumbai also had the second highest percentage of traffic over Wi-Fi, at 47.4%, and the second lowest of 4G at 49.0%. However, out of all the cities, Mumbai had the lowest level of basic consistent quality among all the other cities denoting that congestion on the network remains a problem.

As for the national capital, the city came on the second spot for average download speeds and in terms of basic consistent quality, New Delhi was among the middle of the pack at 96.8%. Airtel was the fastest mobile network with a download speed of 8.7 Mbps average with Jio right behind it averaging 6.8 Mbps.

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