Best Postpaid Plans from Telcos With Free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Handset Protection and More

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As the data tariff war cools down, there has been a divide in the industry between postpaid plans and prepaid plans. While earlier mostly subscribers used to be on the prepaid plans, the lowering of data prices and the introduction of long term plans with unlimited calling further decreased the charm of the postpaid plans which promised unhindered services to the consumers. To make up for this phenomenon, telecom operators had to make changes to their postpaid plans to make them more attractive. On these lines, all private telecom operators made significant changes to their plan offerings and bundled them with freebies to make them more consumer friendly. Here we list select plans from operators like Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel for you to decide which one comes with the best additional offers and hence better bang for your buck.

Bharti Airtel Postpaid Plan Offers

The prominent plans in Bharti Airtel’s postpaid portfolio are the Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649 and Rs 799 plan. These plans offer 40GB, 75GB, 90GB and 100GB data respectively to the subscribers. Further, the data comes with data rollover facility meaning that in case the user does not use the full data limit, he can use the leftover data in the next billing cycle. Apart from this, the plans offer unlimited calling and 100 SMS every day.

Now to the offers part, while the lowest plan from Airtel offers Amazon Prime subscription for one year, along with ZEE shows, movies for free and Airtel TV Premium subscription, the higher plans of Airtel offer Netflix for three months, Handset protection and add-on connections as well. The feature of add-on connections, combined with the Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription makes the Airtel postpaid plans very attractive for the consumers.

Jio 4G Postpaid Plan Offers

Currently, Reliance Jio offers a single postpaid plan of Rs 199 wherein it offers 25GB monthly 4G data along with free local, STD and roaming calling. Alongside the calling and data, Reliance Jio offers 100SMS per day to its postpaid subscribers. Additional offers for the subscribers of this plan include a free subscription to Reliance Jio portfolio of apps and nothing more. Therefore, when it comes to offers, Reliance Jio’s postpaid plan remains behind the others.

Vodafone Idea Postpaid Plan Offers

Vodafone’s RED postpaid plans start at the rental of Rs 399 for the RED Entertainment plan which offers 40GB data with unlimited calling and data rollover. There are also other RED postpaid plans for Rs 499, Rs 649, Rs 999, Rs 1299 and Rs 1999. As the prices of these plans increase, so does their data offerings and other additional benefits. It is also worth noting that the higher priced plans in Vodafone’s portfolio are aimed at users of international calling. When it comes to additional benefits, the Vodafone RED plans offer Vodafone play subscription, Amazon Prime subscription for 12 months, Mobile Shield, and access to Red Hot Deals. The lowest plan in the portfolio, however, does not get the Mobile Shield add-on offer. Vodafone also offers Netflix subscription of two months for the users of RED International plan of Rs 999. Whereas it ships iPhone Forever offer on all plans above Rs 649. The Netflix subscription for the subscribers of the Rs 1,999 plan gets extended to 3 months.

Lastly, we have the Idea Nirvana plans which start at Rs 399 and go as high as Rs 1999. The data offerings of these plans are pretty similar to the plans being offered by other telcos. The Idea plans also offer unlimited calling, data-carryforward with 200GB upper cap, and more. However, when it comes to additional benefits, subscribers get the iPhone Forever scheme on subscriptions above Rs 649, Idea Select Membership on plans above Rs 1,699 and Idea Phone Secure on plans above Rs 499 along with free access to Idea Movies & TV and Idea Music.


When it comes to additional offers on postpaid plans, it seems that Bharti Airtel has taken the benchmark up for all the other telcos. Combined with the Amazon Prime and Netflix offering and also the mobile-secure plan, the postpaid plans of Bharti Airtel not only offer data, calling and SMS benefits, but they also come with freebies which are attractive enough to lure the customers. With that being said, for someone who is ready to spend a bit more for international calling might also deem Vodafone postpaid plans to be a more appropriate choice.

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