AT&T 5G Ecosystem has More than 250 Million People in the US

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The renowned American multinational entity AT&T is rapidly expanding its 5G coverage in the US region. After one year of launching 5G services in the US, AT&T 5G is now used by more than 250 million people. Not only this, but the AT&T 5G+ is now present in 38 cities and 20 venues across the US. The company is also expecting to expand the reach of 5G+ technology in parts of 40 cities and 40 venues by the end of the year. Kevin Hetrick, who is the VP of Construction and Engineering at AT&T, stated that 5G is a mission for the entire team, which is being worked upon because of the value proposition that it offers to customers and communities.

AT&T 5G+ is Being Deployed in More Stadiums, Airports and Cities

AT&T is heavily investing in the 5G ecosystem to offer premium services and benefits to its customers. While other firms like Verizon and others are building a single 5G network, AT&T is also offering a super-fast 5G+ network in more stadiums, airports and cities across the country. In case you are not aware, AT&T 5G +, which is a mmWave 5G, is providing customers with a high-speed 5G network and enhanced connectivity in parts of 38 cities and more than 20 venues across the US.

Mo Katibeh, SVP, Network Infrastructure and Build at AT&T, stated that AT&T 5G+ is advancing the fan experience by providing enhancements that help make the game come alive. Not only this, but 5G networks will allow viewers to witness an unforgettable experience.

AT&T Eager to Deploy 5G Network Over C-band Spectrum

AT&T 5G+ network will be available at major gates and areas inside the Tampa International Airport. Also, by the end of the year, AT&T is planning to expand the reach of the super-fast 5G network to major US airports, universities and hospitals. Recently the company has also acquired 80 Mhz of C-band spectrum in the FCC auction. AT&T is eagerly waiting to deploy the 5G network over the C-band spectrum when the first 40 Mhz is available to them later this year. AT&T has already completed the C-band field test earlier this year.

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