Arrcus Brings ACE Routing and Switching Solutions to Support Digital India’s Growth

Arrcus offers scalable and cost-effective networking solutions to support the rapid expansion of Digital India, projected to exceed a USD 1 trillion online economy by 2030.


  • Arrcus brings cost-effective and flexible ACE networking solution to India's financial services, telecoms, and manufacturing sectors.
  • Scalable and cost-effective solutions for data center switching, 5G routing, and multi-cloud networking.
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in through deployment on whitebox hardware from multiple manufacturers.

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Arrcus Brings ACE Routing and Switching Solutions to Support Digital India's Growth

Arrcus, a hyperscale networking software company and a provider in core, edge and multi-cloud network infrastructure, announced the availability of its ACE routing and switching solutions in India. According to Arrcus, this move aims to support the explosive growth of Digital India, which is projected to surpass a USD 1 trillion online economy by 2030.

Addressing India's Digital Infrastructure Needs

With India leading the way in digital payments, widespread mobile connectivity, including 99 percent 4G coverage and fastest 5G rollouts, and AI-driven automation, Arrcus says it aims to meet the networking demands of these applications by providing scalable and cost-effective solutions to network operators and enterprise customers.

Shekar Ayyar, Chairman and CEO of Arrcus, expressed enthusiasm about introducing the ACE platform and the flagship ArcOS network operating system to India. He said, "We understand the unique challenges and opportunities this market presents and are pleased to offer a solution that saves substantial cost without any compromises on performance for data centre switching, 5G routing, and multi-cloud networking."

Catering to India's Exponential Growth

As of February 2023, India boasts approximately 700 million active internet users, generating a staggering 2 million Terabytes of data daily. Arrcus said a flexible and scalable networking infrastructure is essential to accommodate this rapid growth. Traditional legacy routing and switching solutions in India face significant limitations due to their rigid architectures and high costs.

Recognizing this challenge, Arrcus said it offers a modern network architecture that can be deployed cost-effectively across various use cases, including the edge, core, and multi-cloud environments.

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Freedom from Vendor Lock-In with Whitebox Hardware

According to Arrcus, its routing and switching solutions can be deployed on whitebox hardware from multiple manufacturers, providing customers with freedom from vendor lock-in.

Flagship ArcOS network OS

Arrcus announced that its flagship ArcOS network operating system provides advanced features such as 400G ethernet speeds, distributed AI workloads, hybrid cloud environments, advanced traffic engineering, and API-first architectures. Arrcus offers significant cost savings of up to 40 percent in the total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to traditional networking solutions.

Arrcus said it offers an affordable, customizable, adaptable, and flexible network platform that can help Indian organizations maximize the benefits of Digital India.

The company added that its highly skilled research and development teams, as well as customer engineering teams in Bangalore, San Jose, and other locations worldwide, provide excellent support to ensure smooth implementation and expansion.

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