Airtel Xstream Live Allows Creators to Host Live Gigs and Events

With the help of Airtel Xstream Live, creators and artists have the facility of hosting live sessions and virtual concerts

Creators all over the world are struggling at the moment to showcase their work. They cannot participate in events anymore because there aren’t any. This is going to be the same way for a long time. Thus, they need something to be able to sustain their image in the industry. One way to do that is going to live online and hosting events there. But that seems like too much work? Not with Airtel Xstream Live; The app is available for download in the Google Play Store. It is still a beta version of the app which is unstable and a team of developers is working on it.

Host Virtual Concerts and Sessions with Airtel Xstream Live

With the help of Airtel Xstream Live, creators and artists have the facility of hosting live sessions and virtual concerts. The aim of the app is to make the life of artists, musicians, actors, and other performers a little easier during the time of the global pandemic. With the Airtel Xstream Live, artists can reach across their fans throughout India. One of the biggest helps that this app can do for the creators is that it can allow them to work on their new gigs and test it out with a group of their fans. Along with that, new songs and movies can also be promoted here.

Bringing Fans Closer to their Favourite Artists

The Airtel Xstream Live is going to bring the fans closer to their favourite artists. The fans will get an option to ask questions in the live sessions they are in. Even the artists can add a personal touch in their performances by sharing behind the scenes stories and their feelings about a particular thing. This app is only for creators. If you are a creator, you can download the app, log-in through your smartphone and start the live streaming. There is an option for the users to register for the upcoming events. Along with that, users can show their love for the artists by sending digital claps and hearts while they perform.

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