Airtel Rs 1,999 VIP Plan Could be the Ultimate Premium Broadband Offering: Check Why

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The Indian broadband sector has been flooded with new offers, and we are getting to see so many new broadband plans, revisions of the previous plans and benefits which the subscribers did not see before. All of this can be credited to the name of Reliance Jio, which has introduced its JioFiber fibre-to-the-home service for the Indian customers and seeing the occasion, the competitors of the telco have sprung up to the opportunity as well. In a time where most broadband providers are offering speeds up to 100 Mbps, Reliance Jio has gone a step ahead to come with plans which offers speeds up to 1 Gbps, but the question, is it really the need of the hour? In a market like India, the subscribers are more likely to prefer more data with less speed, and one of the plans which provide these features is the Airtel VIP broadband plan of Rs 1,999. Why should you look into this plan more? Here are some reasons.


Sweeping the Ground Off With Unlimited Data

Although Reliance Jio has many options to choose from, when it comes to broadband plans, the telco has been beaten in terms of FUP data. Whereas, the Rs 1,999 broadband plan by Airtel excels in this very domain. For people who would like to consume high volume data involving lots of content streaming, download and surfing, the Rs 1,999 broadband plan could be the perfect choice as the plan comes with unlimited data. For the majority of the Indian population, this would be the selling point of the plan.

Airtel also has a Rs 1,599 broadband plan which offers 300 Mbps speed, but the 600GB of monthly data is such a limit that the users can exhaust it fast if they are gaming and or are consuming a lot of content. That's why the Rs 1,999 is well positioned in the plan and also in the Airtel broadband roster.

Additional Benefits Sprinkling More Attraction to the Plan

Another major point when it comes to Airtel broadband plans is the kind of additional benefits that the plan offers. Reliance JioFiber avails a free set-top box, but the catch is the need for a separate LCO connection. There is also the free subscription to OTT apps with most of its plans, but the OTT applications have not been mentioned, meaning that the subscribers should not expect big names in this regard. The rest of the benefits of JioFiber also require the subscriber to shell out additional bucks. As opposed to this, Airtel broadband is offering benefits like free Amazon Prime subscription for an entire year, and free Netflix subscription for three months. Further, the subscribers will get a premium subscription to ZEE5 and Airtel Xstream app as well.

With the Airtel VIP plan of Rs 1,999, it is worth noting that the 100 Mbps speed which it offers might not sound like a lot in comparison to the gigabyte speeds, but still, for the Indian population, it is likely to suffice for most households. Currently, India has very low broadband penetration, and the 4G speeds which the Indian users enjoy are also not extravagant. Putting that into the picture, the Airtel broadband plan with unlimited data, 100 Mbps speed, and so many additional benefits surely seems like a worthy deal.

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