High Value Bharti Airtel International Roaming Plans for Your Next Long Vacation

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Bharti Airtel has been putting focused efforts towards its consumers and in the recent years, the telecom operator has announced some very attractive prepaid plans and offers for the subscribers. Data and voice have become cheap, and the consumers have been the one to benefit from this. However, the international tourism industry has also been on the rise lately, and we are seeing more and more tourists going out of India for their vacation. For connectivity and communication needs, during your business or leisure trip, Bharti Airtel has an international roaming portfolio from where you can choose some of the best plans which will make sure that you stay connected with your loved ones which you are beyond the borders. Here are the Airtel international roaming prepaid plans above the price of Rs 1,500 for your long foreign trip.

Rs 1,499 International Roaming Plan

This plan by Bharti Airtel offers free incoming calls, 3GB data and 250 mins of local and India calls to the subscribers. There are no additional benefits in this plan, like it is the case with almost every international roaming plans. The validity of this plan is 10 days.

Airtel International Roaming Plans Above Rs 2,000

The second plan with Bharti Airtel is the Rs 2,499 plan, which is similar to the plan as mentioned above. This one offers free incoming calls, 500 mins of local and India calls, along with 5GB data. This plan comes with 30 days validity.

Airtel International Roaming Plans Above Rs 3,000

Going above the range of Rs 3,000, the first plan by Bharti Airtel in this segment is the Rs 3,598 plan and it offers 250 minutes incoming, 250 mins local and India calls, 3GB data and this one comes with 10 days validity as well. The Rs 3,599 plan similarly offers free incoming, 250 minutes of local and India calls, 3GB data and this one comes with a validity of 10 days also.

The Rs 3,995 international plan by Bharti Airtel offers 250 minutes incoming, 250 minutes of local and India calls, 3GB data and this is also available for 10 days. The Rs 3,997 international roaming prepaid plan from Airtel offers free incoming, 5GB data, 500 mins of local and India calls and this plan comes with the validity of 30 days.

Lastly, there are two more highly-priced choices for Airtel customers who are heading out for a long vacation out of India. These plans include the Rs 3,998 and Rs 6,999 plan. Both of these plans offer 500 mins incoming calls, 500 mins local and India calls with 5GB data valid for 30 days. It is worth noting that Airtel also has a handy tool on its website wherein you can enter the name of the country you are headed to and search for the plans which will be best suited for your needs. The differences in prices for the same benefit international plans are because of the different countries they will be operational in.

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