Airtel asks people to recommend sites for mobile towers, convinces people of safety of mobile towers through a letter from CEO

Airtel has joined the efforts of Government to get rid of the fear of people on mobile tower radiation. The company’s CEO, Gopal Vittal is sending out letters to people stating the reason of call drops, a major concern of the time.

In the letter, Mr. Vittal has stated company’s commitment in laying additional sites, which the company says it ‘physically’ does the process. He has requested the people, who face significant call drops in their locality, to help the company by finding a location for the mobile towers and has directed people to point the location on a map at



He has reinstated that Indian laws for mobile towers are the strictest in the world and the nation’s emission standards are 1/10th of global averages. A complete script of the letter is given below:

The letter will be circulated tonight.


Dear Customer, 

In the last few weeks, you may have noticed some discussion on ‘call drops’. This is something that all operators are dealing with. At Airtel, providing a seamless and high quality network experience is the most important priority for us as a company. In fact, we take great pride in the quality of our network across the country. We are widely known as the brand with the best network. It therefore pains us every time you have a problem. 

There are two key components to giving you a superior network experience – spectrum and sites.  

We have invested heavily behind spectrum. In the last two years we have invested over 50,000 crores on spectrum to ensure you enjoy a great network experience. We will continue to augment any additional spectrum needs as and when an auction takes place.

At the same time we are also committed to making requisite investments in additional sites to leverage this spectrum. But we have to physically install these sites. While we already make every possible effort to make this happen, placing sites has become a serious problem in most cities due to misplaced fears of the impact of sites and air waves. In fact as you read this, some of our sites are getting shut down across India. This inconveniences thousands of customers who are not clear why they experience a call drop.  

The fact is that India operates under the strictest norms for mobile towers. Our emission standards are one tenth that of global averages – and much more stringent that even Europe! And finally, there are a number of elegant solutions for sites today that are power efficient and that can be installed on a roof.

 Without these sites we cannot provide you the experience we desperately want you to have. You are the reason we exist and with your understanding and support we can serve you better.

 So, I want to take this opportunity to ask for your help. 

 If you face significant call drops in your locality, can you help us find a location for a mobile site in the vicinity? All you need to do, is to click on the link below and identify the location on the map where you have a lead for us. 

Help us help you at

With your support, we promise to evaluate and augment network in your vicinity. 

Best regards, 


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March 2, 2017 5:06 pm 5:06 PM

Very bad network in our area so please install a tower in our area so we can avail uninterrupted call

September 25, 2016 8:53 am 8:53 AM

I am expressive interested to hosting a tower in my village because the tower is so far from our village that is why we can’t get proper network in our village & also unable to use internet, so please sir kindly put one airtel tower in our village on my property. My address is village :- Nadna, Post :- thengraha, tehsil :- jaisinghnagar, Distt :- Shahdol, (M.P) PIN CODE :- 484771. My mobile number is 9479511980………

September 17, 2016 2:42 pm 2:42 PM

i am interested in hosting a tower in fateh garh churian distt gurdaspur(punjab)i own a property on which we run a school.poor performance of internet in this area needs help