Airtel lowers tariff for voice calling STVs across major circles

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When Jio's announcement to make voice calls free on their network made incumbents worried about the future of voice revenues which contributes more than 70% of total revenue, it seems incumbent operators are still finding ways to balance the voice market by cutting down tariff of voice calls.


After cutting down data tariffs to match Jio, market leader Bharti Airtel has now started revising most voice rate cutters across major circles. With the latest revision the Mittal led telco is now offering upto 200 % more validity in those special tariff vouchers. The company has lowered the rates of on-net calling STV by one third. For example, in Kolkata where the company was offering lower calling rates to Airtel numbers at 10p/min for 28 days for Rs 123, they have now launched another pack with similar benefits at only Rs 43.

The company has also lowered tariffs of STD and local rate cutters by upto 50%. New revised voice rate cutters priced at Rs 59, Rs 69, Rs 97 would also offer more validity compared to old packs. For voice customers who make mostly STD calls, the company has introduced another new pack priced at Rs 49 which will offer local calls at 35 paisa and STD calls at 30 paisa per minute for 28 days. For more details, check the chart embedded below.

Type Benefits Old Rates* New Rates
Onnet local caliing pack Airtel calls at 10p/min for 28 days 123 43

Local - STD calling pack

Local calls at 30p/min & STD calls at 25p/min for 28 days 79 59
Local calls at 35p/min & STD calls at 30p/min for 28 days 69 49
Local calls at 35p/min & STD calls at 30p/min for 45 days


95 69
Local & STD calls at 30p/min for 56 days


125 97
*Old rates calculated as per old STV in Kolkata #Rates may vary depending on circles.

It seems that with these packs Airtel is trying to protect its voice revenues to some extent but the company has also started providing dirt cheap STV rates to those customers who are applying for MNP. But we can expect these rates to be further lowered in coming days.

Dear readers, if you're a prepaid customer, share with us through comments if you have seen such lower rates or tariff cuts these days on your number.

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