Airtel IQ Video to Reduce Cost by 40% for OTT Companies

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Airtel IQ Video

Bharti Airtel today announced that its video platform product namely “Airtel IQ Video” will reduce the cost of service for over-the-top (OTT) companies by 40%. The service that requires OTT companies to hire at least three to four vendors can be done by Airtel IQ Video alone, resulting in savings. Bharti Airtel already has three customers which are using its video platform as a service (CPaaS).

Airtel IQ Video delivers end-to-end service infrastructure which allows the other companies to come out with video streaming products/services for both large and small screens for a fraction of a cost.

Bharti Airtel Confident of Onboarding Over 50 Customers in 1-Year for Airtel IQ Video

According to an ET Telecom report, Bharti Airtel is confident about onboarding over 50 customers for Airtel IQ video services in the next one year. The telco believes that it will be able to get over 50 customers across the middle east and South-East Asia.

Adarsh Nair, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Bharti Airtel, said, Airtel IQ Video enables and empowers anyone to leverage this ‘easy-to-use’ platform and scale their business in video streaming.

The telco already has three customers utilising the services of Airtel IQ Video. These companies are - Eros Now, Raj TV, and CG Telecom of Nepal. Airtel IQ Video will motivate more and more traditional companies and startups to come online and directly engage with the customers through their content.

This is the perfect time for Bharti Airtel to launch this product for video streaming because as per RBSA Advisors, India’s OTT market is expected to touch $12.5 billion by 2030 compared to the $1.5 billion today. Further, the OTT landscape in India is expected to grow majorly in the tier-2, tier-3, and tier-4 cities. Airtel IQ Video is aimed at helping clients save money yet be able to scale the video streaming business.

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