Airtel Digital TV Introduces 6 New Long-Term Packs In SD and HD Options

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In the past, we have already seen Airtel Digital TV come up with regional top-up options for the subscribers to boost their content offerings on the set-top box. The subscribers could add a few more channels to their selections and watch their favourite channels besides the one they were watching right now. Now, in a new move, Airtel Digital TV has pulled off something major. The DTH service provider has launched 12 new long-term packs with 6-months or 12-months validity options. Without further ado, let’s introduce these new Airtel Digital TV plans for you.

Hindi Value SD Pack

The first long-term pack in the list of new introductions on Airtel Digital TV is the Hindi Value SD Pack (ZEE-STAR-IC-STAR ALP) with 6-months validity. This is an SD pack which comes with a total duration of 195 days and offer benefits worth six months and an additional 15 days. The MRP of this pack is Rs 280 and the recharge amount for the consumers for six months would be Rs 1681, with the multi pricing being Rs 1,326. The same pack with the 12-month option comes with a 360 days duration, with the same monthly MRP but the yearly price of the pack is Rs 3,081 with the multi-pricing being Rs 2,431.

UDP Packs for 6-months or 12-months

The next pack in the list is the UDP 6-month pack in SD quality which offers 180-days duration and comes with an MRP of Rs 200. The recharge price for the consumers will be Rs 799 for this pack for both multi-TV and standard connection. For the subscription of an entire year or 12-months, the subscription pricing would be Rs 1,349 on both multi-TV and standard subscription.

Gujarat Value Sports SD Pack

Another SD pack in the list is the Gujarat Value Sports SD pack for 6-months which comes with a duration of 195 days and offers six months and 15 days bonus. The MRP of this pack has been set at Rs 336, and the recharge amount for the 6-month subscription plan comes out to be Rs 2,016 for standard subscription and Rs 1,662 for multi-TV. There is also the 12-month option of the Gujarati Value Sports SD pack for 12-months with the total subscription cost being Rs 3,696 and the multi-TV price would be Rs 3,047.

Gujarat Mega SD

There is also the Gujarat Mega SD 6-months and 12-months offerings, which come for 195 days and 360 days respectively. The MRP of these plans has also been set at Rs 510, but the total subscription cost will be Rs 3,062 and Rs 5,612 for the 6 months and the 12 months. Whereas, for the multi-TV pricing, it would be Rs 2,424 and Rs 4,444 for six months and 12-months.

Gujarat Value Sports HD and Gujarat Mega HD

We also have 2 new HD packs debut on Airtel Digital TV, and these include Gujarat Value Sports HD and Gujarat Mega HD. Both of these packs also come in 6-months and 12-months option. The Gujarat Value Sports HD comes with a Rs 475 MRP and the total subscription cost for this pack is Rs 2,852 for 6-month and Rs 5,227. For multi-TV, this pricing is Rs 2,352 and Rs 4,312 respectively.

Lastly, the Gujarat Mega HD pack comes with an MRP of Rs 699, and the total subscription cost of these packs comes out to be Rs 4,197 and Rs 7,689 for 6-months and 12-months subscriptions. The multi-TV pricing for the same period is Rs 3,276 and Rs 6,006.

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