Airtel V-Fiber vs ACT Fibernet: Operators Compared Across Broadband Speeds, Data and Other Benefits

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Only a few days later, Reliance Jio is going to announce its GigaFiber FTTH service for the people of India. The hype surrounding the commercial launch of Reliance Jio GigaFiber is very high as the people have been waiting for the service for almost a year now. But, finally, they will witness the commercial launch of GigaFiber on August 12 at Reliance Jio’s 42nd Annual General Meeting of shareholders. But, there’s also another factor to keep in mind that the impending launch of Reliance Jio has increased the competition in the broadband sector and now the service providers are aiming for more subscribers. To accomplish this, the companies are rolling out new offers, service and extra benefits for the customers. The two top names which the customers might prefer when it comes to getting a broadband connection are ACT Fibernet and Airtel V-Fiber. The question then remains, which one of the two is the better option? Read ahead to find out.

ACT Fibernet Banking on Data Speed and FUP Limit

If interested subscribers look at the plans being offered by ACT Fibernet they can be sure that above the range of Rs 1,000 ACT Fibernet is offering some of the most compelling broadband plans when it comes to FUP limit and data speeds. ACT Fibernet also has plans ranging right on from Rs 685, and they go as high as Rs 5,999 for the GIGA plan which offers 1 Gbps speed. The Rs 959 plan from ACT offers 50 Mbps speed with 240GB data and 1500GB extra data per month. The 100 Mbps plans from ACT Fibernet start at Rs 1,159, and this one comes with 400GB data and 1500GB additional data. Similarly, ACT Fibernet has plans which offer 125 Mbps speed and 150 Mbps speed and these cost Rs 1,399 and Rs 1,999.

The only additional benefit that ACT Fibernet plans come with is the cashback of up to Rs 350 on Netflix subscription with the Rs 1,159, Rs 1,399, Rs 1,999 and Rs 5,999 plan. When it comes to offers, ACT Fibernet subscribers do have the option of getting a month of free subscription while they get a semi-annual subscription or even more.

Airtel Broadband Plans Relying on Extra Benefits

Unlike ACT Fibernet, Airtel Broadband offers limited plans to its subscribers, which range from Rs 799 to Rs 1,999. The Rs 799 plan offers 40 Mbps speed, 100GB data and 200GB extra data for six months. But, with this plan, the subscribers don’t enjoy any Airtel Thanks benefits.

For the Airtel broadband plans of Rs 1,099, Rs 1,599 Rs 1,999, the customers will be able to enjoy Airtel Thanks benefits which include a year of Amazon Prime membership, three months of free Netflix subscription, subscription to Airtel TV Premium and ZEE5 as well. On subscription of 6-months and 12-months plans by Airtel, the customers will get 7.5% and 15% discount respectively. It is these additional benefits which make the Airtel Broadband plans more attractive than their ACT Fibernet counterparts.


In case you are someone who would like to access high-speed data, and you are likely to consume a high volume of data per month, then getting an ACT Fibernet connection would be the right choice between the two. However, in case you would like to have the free Airtel Thanks benefits, which includes Amazon Prime Membership and Netflix, then the latter is likely to be your preference. But, then Airtel also offers an unlimited data plan of Rs 1,999 which offers unlimited data at 100 Mbps speed, and this one also comes with Airtel Thanks benefits. So, it is likely that you might want to go for this Airtel broadband plan. If none of these plans seem to be fitting your needs, then we would suggest that you wait for the launch of Reliance Jio GigaFiber which is likely to offer a Triple Play plan with DTH, landline and broadband at Rs 600 per month.

Note: The plans of ACT Fibernet differ across every city, so check out the company's website to know more details about the broadband plans available in your city.

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