A Walk-through Of Prepaid 3G Data Plans Offered By Aircel In Bihar and Jharkhand

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With data prices going lower day by day, we take a look at Aircel 3G/ 2G data packs for prepaid users in Bihar and Jharkhand. Aircel is now offering 22 plans with a validity of 3 days to 360 days. Aircel is targeting every type of user with its current data packs. It has a Rs.14 pack for 3 days which can be used a trial pack by the users for testing Aircel’s network.


Aircel also has Rs.425 with 30 Days validity offering 1GB per day of 3G/2G data. Rs.289 day-night pack offers 10GB for day and 10GB for night(12:00 AM to 6:00 AM) has validity of 28 days. Rs.303 data pack with 90 Days offers 2GB per day of 3G/2G data. Users desiring no daily limit on data can recharge with Rs.489. The Rs.489 pack offers 30GB of data for 30 days.

MRP (Rs.) Validity Benefits
14 3 Days 1GB,3G
23 3 Days 125MB Data (2G/3G)
28 4 Days 175MB 3G Data
35 3 Days 1GB 3G/2G Data
45 7 Days 500 MB 3G/2G Data
49 7 Days 1GB 3G/2G Data
64 7 Days 2GB 3G/2G Data
94 7 Days 3GB 3G/2G Data
99 28 Days 10GB [1GB (Day time) + 9GB (Night time:12am to 6am)] After that get 1GB Data every time on recharge of RC@22 within validity.
151 28 Days 1GB 3G/2G Data
155 28 Days 3GB 3G/2G Data
175 25 Days 1GB 3G/2G Limited Data
198 28 days 2GB 3G/2G Limited Data
225 28 Days 10GB 3G/2G Data (5GB for day & 5GB for Night) Night Time 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM
235 90 Days 5GB 3G/2G Data
289 28 Days 20GB 3G/2G Data (10GB for day & 10GB for Night) Night Time 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM
303 90 Days 180GB (2GB X 90 days) 3G/2G Data
397 15 days 7.5GB 2G/3G DATA (FUP 500MB/day)
425 30 Days 1GB per Day X 30 Days 3G/2G Data
489 30 Days 30GB 3G/2G Data
545 90 Days 12GB (4GB X 3 Months) 3G/2G Data
999 360 Days 36GB (3GB X 12 Months) 3G/2G Data

Rs.303 seems to be a good bet as it offers 2GB of 3G data per day. It’s meant for users who have limited surfing and video browsing. Please visit https://epayment.aircel.com/ for recharging with any of the above packs.

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