A Simple Calculator To Spy On Android OS

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A Simple Calculator To Spy On Android OSMobile Security Center of NetQin Mobile Inc. has reported a new spyware on Android devices. The spyware is made disguised in form of a Tip Calculating application.

Google's Android OS for mobiles is growing rapidly, in recent statistics Android outplaced iPhone OS from 2nd place in US smartphone market. And such spy apps will keep Adroid users at a edge with privacy.

The program is written such as after installing it to a Android enabled handset, it will make a log of incoming and outgoing text messages and will send the log to pre-set email address hourly. The spy app is named as Simple Tip Calculator. To go to its spyware settings, you first have to open the about page of the application.

Holding down the Carrot App icon in the “About” page, as shown in the screenshot below, will lead the user to the spy settings as follows below.

After entering the default password “spy”, the user will then be taken to the spy status settings where they can enter an email address for mailing the log. After set, the phone will send an email to the entered email address every hour with all the incoming and outgoing text from the phone.

It's a fact that spy apps are well used by parents to keep track of their children, employers to keep track of their employees and so on. There are a number of vendors selling such products available for Windows and other mobile OS.

Always Keep in mind download the latest version of mobile antivirus and stay away from threat like this.

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