5G Jobs Postings Witness Massive Growth in India: Report

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5G in India

India is eagerly waiting to witness the multiple benefits of the 5G network. Even though the technology is not deployed, it has already started providing benefits to the market. As per a report by renowned firm GlobalData, job posting with 5G titles has doubled in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. The major reason behind the increase in job postings is the interest of the government in 5G technologies. The government of India has allowed 5G trials and testing to take the next leap of faith in the tech industry.

Ericsson has Posted 20% Jobs Since 2020 in India

The Swedish multinational entity Ericsson has nearly posted 20% of 5G jobs in India since 2020. Ericsson is eyeing cellular and radio network prospects along with the security aspects of 5G networking by considering the business strategies and requirements. Ajay Thalluri, who is the Business Fundamental Analyst at Global Data, stated that the increased data in job posting indicates the upward curve in demand for expertise in the 5G domain. Some of the prominent and demanded roles include engineers, IP networking, software, firmware and automation.

Cisco Systems is Investing $5 Billion to Fund 5G Projects Globally

The demand for 5G networks is increasing rapidly worldwide. All the big players in the market are heavily investing in the development of 5G to be the early adopters and provide unique offerings. Among the big entities, Cisco Systems is investing a whopping amount of $5 Billion to fund 5G projects globally.

The investment plans by Cisco Systems involve India. The company has posted nearly 30% of 5G jobs in the Indian region since last year. Generally, the job related hiring at Cisco is overpowered by engineers for cloud core and packet core teams to enable virtualised cloud services.

Other firms such as Dell and HP, who are indulged in developing 5G-enabled devices, are also hunting down experts in the 5G domain. Dell is developing an R&D team in the Bengaluru region to develop products and services for enterprise customers as well as service providers. On the other side, HP is also providing cloud-native 5G offerings.

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