Record 1.4 billion smartphones shipped in 2015, Samsung claims top spot while Apple settles for second

By January 28th, 2016 AT 3:16 PM

A report has come in and it suggests that smartphone shipments increased by 12 percent with record 1.4 billion of devices shipped globally. The data has been accumulated by Strategy Analytics, which published its report every year to track market trend and leaders. Shipment numbers do look impressive, however, that does nit mean that all is going on well in the smartphones industry. The numbers suggest that the industry is no longer growing at the same pace as it did in the last year.Smartphone shipments 2015

According to Strategy Analytics, the reason behind crumbling growth is that the target markets such as China, already have people with smartphones. It means that people are already having a smartphone and they don’t really change it in short period. Talking about the data that has been revealed in the report, Samsung has yet again claimed the top spot by shipping 81.3 million units worldwide in the fourth quarter, which is an increase of nine percent, perhaps the highest in the last two years in comparison to Q4 2014.

As expected, Apple claimed the second spot with 74.8 million iPhones shipments in Q4, which is a negligible growth from 4.5 million devices that it shipped in 2014. However, expressing its views on Apple’s performance, Strategy Analytics says,“Apple’s iPhone growth is peaking,” It also suggested that Apple must explore new markets such as India to ensure that its growth does not stay stagnant.

Furthermore, Huawei’s has witnessed two percent of growth from 2014, which is not great to mention, however, the company does acquires the third spot after Apple. Xiaomi claimed the fifth place with over 2 million smartphones shipments in comparison to 2014. The new entry in the list is Lenovo/Motorola acquiring the fourth spot, although it shipped lesser units in 2015 and has recorded 18 percent decline in the growth rate.

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