Why success of ‘LYF’ is critical to the success of RJio

Traditionally Indian telcos have shied away from venturing in the devices segment. They have hardly ever aped the western model of bundled devices. Predominantly, this is because of extremely low Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), high churn and dominance of pre-paid users. Now the new kid-on-the-block, Reliance Jio seeks to change this. Because of new technology it is almost imperative for the company to focus on the devices as well… Read More


Call Drops: The Reasons and Possible Solutions to ensure #NoCallDrops

Call drops have been plaguing Indian mobile subscribers, particularly the urban populace for nearly a year now. Call Drops has become a national topic, thanks to campaigns like #NoCallDrops from Network18. Since then various media houses have joined the debate and this has resulted in growing awareness about the subject. Thanks to the involvement of DoT, TRAI, PMO, and Telecom Ministry, Indian mobile subscribers will hopefully have a solution in the coming… Read More


Vodafone Store executives misleading customers during MNP/NMNP process ? : Our Experience

Didn’t like the services of your current operator and wanted to avail MNP?  Moved to a different state and wanted to avail NMNP? Planning to switch to Vodafone? Interested or want to stick with prepaid? Be prepared, you may end up with some situations like below. 1. Experience with MNP : Delhi, Andrews Ganj Donor Operator : Airtel DL | Recipient Operator : Vodafone DL | Requested : Prepaid migration… Read More


Our Experience with 3G on Airtel, emphasizing 4G

Every time an increment in G – from 3G to 4G or even to 5G  the common aspect which a consumer expect is speed and quality. Technically and non technically there are many aspects which can differentiate a technology but what matters to end customers is affordability, reliability and finally usability. How can anyone use or rely on technology when it is not useful in times of need and in… Read More


The Case for Small Cells and Signal Boosters in India – Why Indian Operators must consider them to Improve Coverage?

Two weeks ago when I had been to southern Karnataka and northern parts of Kerala several of my friends and relatives were telling me about dropping signal strengths of several mobile operators. This included state-run BSNL and even leading private telcos like Airtel and Idea Cellular. Few of them had even complained to the authorities at multiple levels but this yielded nothing. At places where phones indicated full signal strength… Read More


Sorry State of Affairs at BSNL – Customer Care misleads, Officials Redirect. The Ultimate test of Patience

It all started on 27 April 2015 after I activated STV84, the BSNL Special Tariff Voucher that offers STD calls at 0.35 p/min via SMS Self Care. On 1 May I discovered that the voucher no longer worked and I was being charged base plan rates. The content that follows in the subsequent paragraphs will throw light on the hardships one might have to face if things start going wrong… Read More


Net Neutrality around the globe and what India can learn

Net Neutrality is the current topic of discussion in India and a lot has been said by different stakeholders in this regard. Off late we have seen different forms of flouting of Net Neutrality be it Facebook tying up with RCom to launch Internet.org or operators launching differential charging packs and likewise which are a smack in the face for Net Neutrality. While Net Neutrality has recently caught heat in… Read More


Indian Telecom Industry in 2014; hits and misses

2014 has been a significant year for the Indian Telecom market and it has given reasons both to rejoice and despair to the different stakeholders in the industry. We take a look at how the year was for the customers and the operators and how different regulations have impacted the industry. Reasons for Customers to Rejoice: 4G Launch: Airtel launched 4G services thus putting India on the 4G map. Though… Read More


How Can Airtel Beat Reliance Jio on 4G Turf?

Bharti Airtel, country’s largest mobile operator, is going to enter a challenging phase with Reliance Jio‘s upcoming & much-anticipated commercial launch of 4G services. To make it short, Airtel’s strategy regarding 4G is basically in limbo until Jio launches its services. They are watching Jio’s footprints but thanks to Jio’s super secret policy they can see only what Jio is showing to everybody. Jio have understood that there is no… Read More


NTP 2012: Will broadband speed be upgraded to 2 Mbps in 2015?

Two years back the groundbreaking National Telecom Policy 2012 was made which was set to transform telecommunications in India for new digital era. While the government managed to implement some of the recommendations, most of them are still just on paper. One of the key recommendations of the policy was to increase minimum broadband speed to 512kbps and subsequently to 2 Mbps by January 1st 2015. National Telecom Policy 2012… Read More


Will the absence of Cyanogen OS affect OnePlus One sales in India?

OnePlus One, the newly formed company’s first smartphone garnered positive reviews due to its flagship-grade specifications at a mid-range price tag. It was initially launched in 17 countries including China, some European countries, and the US. Following a huge positive response from Indian consumers, the company decided to officially launch itself in the country. A few days ago, the company made it official that the OnePlus One will be officially available in India through Amazon… Read More


Google Services to be Faster on 2G, More Internet Related Initiatives on Cards?

In a recent update, Google is starting an initiative in India to optimize its search results on mobile devices. This optimization will bring faster Google search on mobiles even on slower internet connection (2G or 1x). Google is serious about this, that’s mainly because Mountainview based company’s majority of revenues come from online advertisements. But now Facebook is becoming a strong competitor to Google, thanks to Facebook’s popularity on social… Read More

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