Xiaomi Is Finally Bringing the Split Screen and Picture-in-Picture Features to MIUI in Its Next Major Update

Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the feature rich Android skins out there. Most of the Indian users prefer MIUI over stock Android due to the exciting features it offers. However, Xiaomi adds its own features to the OS and ignores the ones that Google implements in open source Android. One such feature is the split screen, which was carried out with Android Nougat.


Android Nougat was announced way back in August 2016, but Xiaomi is yet to bring several Android Nougat features to its MIUI. A report from Gizmochina states that Xiaomi is adding the much-awaited split screen feature to MIUI in its next major update, which might be the MIUI 9, touted to be unveiled alongside the Xiaomi Mi 6 on April 19. And yes, we have an official launch date for the Xiaomi Mi 6, it’s going to land on April 19, which is just a week away from now.

Basically, with the split screen feature, users can use two apps at the same time by splitting them to fit the screen. Samsung devices have been offering this feature for a long time now.

Besides the split screen feature, the Apple of China will also add the picture-in-picture feature in the next update. The picture-in-picture mode creates a floating window of the apps, which can be placed anywhere on the screen. This feature is same as the one seen on YouTube app. For the uninitiated, the picture-in-picture mode was introduced in Android Nougat, but it was limited only to tablet users.


Google is planning to bring the same feature to smartphones as well with the Android O update as the feature is already available in the first Developer Preview of Android O. So, it will be a decent addition if Xiaomi adds this feature before Google does it.

MIUI’s next major update will be the MIUI 9, which as mentioned earlier, might be unveiled alongside the Xiaomi Mi 6. MIUI 9 will be based on Android Nougat and is expected to bring various new features.

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[…] However, word on the rumour mill is that the development of a new software has already been under works for almost about six moths and soon we will get to witness the unveiling of the new generation MIUI, the MIUI 9. […]

[…] There won’t be any visual changes in the new update, but the core elements of Android will be upgraded to Android Nougat. To update the MIUI 8 with core Android Nougat elements, Xiaomi has taken over ten months, which is underwhelming. However, it’s already known that Xiaomi is working on the MIUI 9 which adds a slew of new features such as Picture in Picture mode, Multi-Window mode, and other Android Nougat features as well. […]

Manoj Kumar
April 12, 2017 8:57 pm 8:57 PM

Xiamo is always lazy in releasing Android update.
My mi 5 (Xiami flagship phone in India) revived the Nougat last month only.

April 13, 2017 4:33 am 4:33 AM

you have done if it’s earlier. Unless you don’t see stock like UI what difference it make to you.. with new base more bugs to fix. Integrating miui into Android without bugs is no simple. It’s not something like Motorola doing clean Android. Next time buy pixel 2. You get updates very very fast. Want like prices and lifetime premium flagship like updates? Don’t cry for what you got. What you paid you get that.