Unlimited Broadband Plans From Hathway, Tata Sky and Others That Will Fit Your Streaming Needs

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The telecom industry has been caught up in a new wave of change which involves hiking of tariffs. The tariff hike is going to impact the consumers very much as they will now have to pay up to 40% more for the same amount of data. However, there is still hope for the subscribers as in the past few months, the monthly rentals of broadband plans have fallen. This means that the subscribers are more likely to consider getting a new broadband plan, more than ever, with the mobile data costs increasing whereas, the high-speed broadband plans costing less. Also, with the massive adaption of the streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and others, the subscribers are going to look towards cheap high-speed data so that they can continue to stream their favourite shows. There are ample of choices available to the subscribers if they want to get a broadband connection, but what the subscribers usually look for in a wired connection are two things - decent speeds and unlimited data. Here, we have compiled the most attractive broadband plans from various operators which might suit your internet needs.


Airtel Xstream Fiber Unlimited Data Plans

Now the plan that we are talking about here comes with a unique configuration. The first plan in the Airtel Xstream Fiber, or popularly known as Airtel Broadband roster is the Rs 799 broadband plan. This plan ships 100 Mbps speed and unlimited local/STD calls to the subscribers. When it comes to the data limit, the plan as such offers 150GB data per month to the subscribers. However, this is not where the story ends. The subscribers of Airtel Broadband have a choice of extending their plan’s data FUP limit to unlimited. This is true for all Airtel broadband plans besides the Rs 799 plan. But, it is also worth noting that although Airtel promises unlimited data, the data is capped at 3.3TB, but it is unlikely that the subscribers run out of that much data with 100 Mbps speed. The cost of this plan, along with the unlimited data extension, is going to be Rs 1,098.

Hathway Broadband Unlimited Plans for Streaming

In the case of Hathway, the subscribers will have plenty of speed options ranging from 50 Mbps and above. For example, in Hyderabad, the subscribers will have the option of getting the 50 Mbps plan with unlimited data for Rs 349 under the value plan. The 100 Mbps Freedom plan by Hathway is available to the subscribers for Rs 499 under the Value tag. Lastly, there is also the 125 Mbps plan for the subscribers as well, which would be available for Rs 549 per month under the Value tag.

Tata Sky Broadband Unlimited Data Plans

Tata Sky Broadband has recently revamped its broadband portfolio, and now its plans start at Rs 900 for unlimited data. While the 25 Mbps plan is available for Rs 900, the 50 Mbps and the 100 Mbps speed plans cost Rs 1,000 per month and Rs 1,100 per month for the subscribers. The customers also enjoy many benefits like 10% or more discount, free router and free installation when they get a long-term subscription-like for six months or more.

You Broadband Unlimited Data Plans

You Broadband also has plenty of options for the subscribers when it comes to choosing for the optimum speed, but the options in the unlimited data section are very limited. For example, in Hyderabad, the subscribers have the maximum speed option of 75 Mbps under the unlimited data section, and this plan is available for Rs 797.

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