Uninor’s tele-verification process troubles Customers : An user’s experience

By October 4th, 2014 AT 10:54 AM

In order to prevent misuse of SIM cards/proofs/services DOT has mandated for verification procedures before a SIM is made fully functional. This is a welcome move to prevent any misuse.

While it is good that operators are following the laid stringent rules put forward as norms, on the other hand they should also ensure that customers do not suffer in the process especially with their tele-verification team, because customers will  not know what proofs have reached their offices and what details are stored in their databases.

I had heard some bitter experiences from friends which they faced during tele-verification process for Uninor Services in AP circle and I decided to give a try.

My Experience :

The routine procedure of selecting a number/signing CAF form and everything went well as per Uninor store guys and finally it was time for tele-verification. I had submitted my Voter ID as proof and during my tele-verification had it handy for providing the same to the verification team. Below are my experiences not once but twice.

Televerification experience 1 from a new Uninor number :

verification executive (man) 1 : Please provide complete details as submitted. He asked me customer name, father’s name  and complete address.

Me :  Gave details what ever he asked as per the details I have on my voter card.

verification executive (man) 1 : After listening to all the details I gave, he said please keep the details which you have provided along with CAF and call again for verification and disconnected abruptly. 

Me : I was speechless and decided to try again, as I was the one who submitted my very own details and was waiting for televerification to be done.

verification executive (man) 2 : Greeted and he asked me to confirm details.

Me : I again repeated the same details, as they were the ones which I provided.

verification executive (man) 2 : Sir, details you provided are not matching with our database. Provide correct details.

Me : I have provided my Voter ID as proof and I am telling the exact details, keeping it handy.

verification executive (man) 2 : This man is very rude, I repeat very rude. He said keep the submitted details handy and call again for verification – disconnected the call while I’m still speaking. 

Me : Let me try again.

verification executive (woman) 3 : After a greeting, she asked me my details.

Me  : I provided the same details again.

verification executive (woman) 3 : Thank you for confirming your details sir. The details you provided matched with our database and she proceeded with a welcome providing me with further details.

 So, I decided to check again and now made a MNP request. My experience goes like this again

Televerification experience 2 from a MNP Uninor number :

verification executive (man) 1 : Greeted and asked to provide details as per the proofs submitted. He asked me customer’s name, father’s name  and complete address.

Me :  Gave details what ever he asked as per the ones I have on my voter card.

verification executive (man) 1 : After listening to all the details I gave , he said please keep the details which you have provided and call again for verification.

Me : As already experienced earlier, I tried again calling tele-verification number.

verification executive (woman) 2 : She greeted and asked me my details like earlier.

Me : I provided her the same details again.

verification executive (woman) 2 : Thank you for confirming your details sir. The details you provided matched with our database and she proceeded with providing me further details.

In both the cases the numbers were activated only after repetitive attempts providing the same information.

What should I conclude from this ? 

  • Every time I call, their database details change?
  • Uninor is willingly doing this for cross confirming the details again and again?
  • Their representatives are not acting responsible?
  • And lastly only if we come across a woman executive our activation gets done?

So, they expect their valuable customers to call number of times providing the same right information again and again to get tele-verification process done ? 

Dear Readers, did you experience any such situations with tele-verification process or hardships involved in getting your tele-verification done even though you have provided the right details?  Do let us know via comments.

Note : Article is based on personal/friends experiences. May or may not be the same with other customers. The intention of this article is to bring light on the problems faced by customers during tele-verification process if in-case you came across irresponsible verification executives. Conversations happened in regional language which for the understanding of all readers are put forwarded in english. We are not personally against tele-verification process, it’s a must but if problems like this happen it creates confusion and extra troubles for customers. Hope Uninor India takes a note on this. 

Passionately following the Indian #Telecom Industry for over a decade from Business, Consumer and a Technical perspective. My primary focus area is Consumer & Digital Experience.

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hi, uninor call center is pathetic , when is Requested for MNP port in Uninor from other operator .they said it will take 7 working days. so when i called customer care on 5th day after submitting .. i asked them to provide my mnp status .i called 5 times while asking they said speek in hindi but i wanted to speek in my native language that usually happens in my state customer care guy often speak in native langauge. when you ask customer care so before i start talking in hindi he disconnected my call . 2nd time i… Read more »


I have also faced the same as you explained above but it is not twice, I have got verified and activated my Airtel new sim after giving thrice the same details. First time when I called for verification and gave my details, the representative told me that my details given are wrong and advised me to contact the retailer from whom I had purchased the sim that if he have submitted the accurate documents for my airtel sim or not. After I conformed that the retailer submitted the right documents, I tried to verify it again and call the activation… Read more »

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