Uninor Increases Price of STV-31 In Kolkata

For last few days we are watching the race of tariff hiking by all leading telecom operators (except  MTNL) which is, no doubt, unusual practices in last couple of years. But whatever it is, new operators are still not in this queue so far.

Now this honeymoon period over. Uninor, one of the largest newbie also submitted their name in this carnival of tariff hike.

Uninor does not increase the tariff directly, instead Uninor silently increases the MRP of RCV 31 (1000 Mins Local On-Net Pack) in the prepaid segment of Kolkata Circle.

Now the modified MRP of the above STV is Rs.43 instead of Rs.31. I expect that more such disheartening news are on the cards from Uninor.


Rs.31 Rs.43 1000 Local Minutes Local (On-Net / Uninor to Uninor) It remains same

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November 26, 2011 2:12 pm 2:12 PM

As of 26th Nov 2011 ~
1) Rs. 42 pack is now only 500 mins U2U calls
2) Rs. 52 pack is 1000 mins U2U calls, and
3) Rs. 53 pack is 60,000 sec. U2U calls

New packs introduced ~
1) Rs. 35 for all local calls – 100 mins
2) Rs. 98 for all local calls – 300 mins

*** all the above: validity is 30 days.

Tanmoy Sil
October 15, 2011 7:14 pm 7:14 PM

Bad news for uninor subscribers.
Uninor increased the value of 43 stv again.
Now they are charging 53 instead of 43.

Debdulal Pathak
August 22, 2011 10:45 pm 10:45 PM
I fully agree with you that uninor is enticing us with a pound of loaf for sucking blood later. I have subscribed to uninor mainly due to gprs facilities which earlier was allowed upto 6 GB for 30 days for Rs. 90/-; now they have altered the offer in upto 200 MB a day for thity days which means you can not download a program that exceeds 200 MB at the best a day. This is quite frustrating that the offer has been revised without any notification to the subscribers, and it is really daring to see the offer on… Read more »