Telenor launches ultra affordable 4G plans in Varanasi: Packs priced Rs 11 & Rs 22 offering 100 MB & 250 MB

In a surprising move, Telenor India has entered 4G space in India by launching 4G services in Varanasi city of UP East circle. Telenor has deployed narrow-band LTE network on its 1800 MHz spectrum for launching its 4G service in the city.


In order to compete with the players who are already offering 4G service at 3G rates, Telenor is offering very affordable 4G plans for its customers. Telenor has priced 1GB 4G data at just Rs 149 and 2GB 4G data at Rs 219 with 28 days validity. Customers will also get reduced call rate of 25 p/min for local calls and 30 p/min for STD calls on recharging with these 4G packs.

Telenor is also offering two trail packs priced at Rs 11 and Rs 22 offering 100MB and 250MB of 4G data respectively with a 1 day validity.

Telenor 4G plan details

MRP Validity (days) Key Benefits
  11 1 100 MB Free 4G Data
  22 1 250 MB Free 4G Data
  149 28 All Local [email protected]/m + All STD [email protected]/m + 1 GB Free 4G Data
  219 28 All local [email protected]/m + All STD [email protected]/m + 2 GB Free 4G Data
  249 28 500 Local/STD Mins + 1 GB Free 4G Data
  319 28 500 Local/STD Mins + 2 GB Free 4G Data

With the Telenor entering 4G space in India, 4G war has reached the next level with affordability being a key factor. However, Telenor 4G on narrow-band LTE cannot offer the same level of quality of service provided by other operators who offer 4G with at least 5 MHz spectrum. Offering affordable mobile broadband to customers at low cost could be a lifesaver for Telenor who does not offer 3G service

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September 18, 2016 8:18 am 8:18 AM

There is a success mantra for you just provide cheap and best with huge quantity then only you will run in compition and you can beat others

September 18, 2016 8:14 am 8:14 AM

Telenor 4g plans are some coastly due to its net. Speed i think to beat jio 4 g telenor have to decrease its price and provide better net. speed
Meerut is a big hub for telenor there is a huge network of telenor customers so telenor have to provide cheapest 4 g plans in meerut

Faraz, Munger Bihar
June 13, 2016 10:27 pm 10:27 PM

Waiting for Telenor 4G in Bihar..
Because I’m not able to use your 2G internet in computer system PC.. Connection is so poor.. and even dialling authenticate fails.. means no internet connection is generated.. Waiting for Telenor 4G..
Browsing speed is 1-2kps & sometimes in bites.. Downloading speed is 3-4kbs and sometimes when network is good 8-9kbs in mobile phone
– @ Haji subhan, Purab Sarai, Munger, Bihar 811201