Tata Sky Watch Provides Live TV and OTT Content for Free to Subscribers

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When it comes to choosing DTH operators in the country, there are a few names which stand out from the rest. If we were to ask you to name a few of these operators, then chances are some of the names that would be on the tip of your tongue would include Tata Sky, Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV. There is no doubt that owing to its consumer-centric efforts, Tata Sky has managed to become the top DTH operator in the country. The DTH company also ships some unique services to the users, which the other operators are not offering. While channel packs, STB pricing, services are some of the things which the users look at these days, there is one feature that Tata Sky offers to its users to set itself apart from the competition. The feature is somehow related to over-the-top content, which is another strong forte of Tata Sky. The feature that we are talking about here is Tata Sky Watch. To know how the Tata Sky Watch feature affects your DTH experience, and what it actually offers, read ahead.


Tata Sky Watch Explained

The Tata Sky Watch is a service which allows the users to access their channels and their favourite TV shows through the web. Now the good thing about the Tata Sky Watch functionality is that it allows the Tata Sky subscribers to watch their favourite shows even when they do not have access to their television screen. A lot of the times, it is quite possible that the Tata Sky subscribers might be missing on their shows, and on these occasions, the subscribers will be able to access the Tata Sky Watch service to avail these channels on other devices like phones, laptops or web. The next question that the subscribers might ask is how actually can they access the Tata Sky Watch service.

Tata Sky Watch: The Positives

The advantage of Tata Sky Watch service is that it allows the Tata Sky subscribers to access these shows and movies through both web and the Tata Sky Mobile app as well. This is another area where the Tata Sky Mobile application has a lead over the other similar self-care DTH applications as it ships with the Tata Sky Watch feature inbuilt, and the customers do not have to download a separate application. By logging in to the application, the subscribers can watch Live TV, OTT content like movies or TV shows and more.

Another way, the subscribers of Tata Sky can access this content is through the Tata Sky Watch website. This website will allow the Tata Sky subscribers to get access to these Live TV shows and other content on web-based devices like laptops or tablets. The Tata Sky Watch service also allows the users to watch the episodes from their favourite shows which they might have missed in the last seven days.

Tata Sky Watch: Limitations

Now that we have discussed some of the advantages of the Tata Sky Watch service, it is also crucial to look at some of the limitations of Tata Sky Watch. In this regard, the first and foremost limitation that the Tata Sky subscribers face is that the Live TV channels which will be available to the users are the only ones that they are subscribed to. So, the list of channels available on Tata Sky Watch is actually decided by what channels the customers are subscribed to. Additionally, there is some content on Tata Sky Watch, for example, some movies, which are actually under the premium banner, and the subscribers will have to pay to watch these movies.

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