Tata Sky Broadband Plans Shipping Unlimited Data, Extra Validity and More: Check How They Fare

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Tata Sky is a very known name when it comes to DTH services. However, making full use of its last-mile connectivity which it has developed by servicing homes with DTH, the company launched its broadband services too. Now, Tata Sky Broadband has expanded its network to more than 20 cities. The service provider is offering high-speed connections and various unlimited data plans as well. Also, not to forget that Tata Sky broadband has its operations in some of the major cities of India. So here are some of the plans from Tata Sky broadband which might attract the consumers.

Tata Sky Broadband Plans Detailed

Starting with Mumbai, in the city, Tata Sky broadband offers both the choice of unlimited data plans and fixed GB plans. Under the unlimited section, Tata Sky is offering three plans in the city which start at 25 Mbps. This plan would be the right choice for someone who is looking to have sufficient speed to stream content and is also looking for a plan that would not go over-budget. As such, this plan is available for Rs 999 and offers 25 Mbps speed. Further on, Tata Sky is also offering a 50 Mbps plan as well for customers looking for slightly higher speed. These subscribers will enjoy the 50 Mbps with unlimited data at Rs 1,249. Lastly, there is the Rs 1,599 unlimited plan which offers 100 Mbps speed.

Tata Sky Broadband Plan Long Term Benefits

It is also worth noting that Tata Sky is offering a long term benefit to its subscribers as well. This means that subscribers who get a connection for six months or more will enjoy special benefits or discounts. The first example is in the case of unlimited plans only. The Rs 999 plan which offers 25 Mbps speed will be available for six months for Rs 5,395. This means that over a period of six months, the subscribers are getting a discount of Rs 699. Similarly, in the Rs 1,249 plan, the subscribers will save Rs 749 in the six months. Lastly, in the 100 Mbps plan, the subscribers will save Rs 959 in the period of six months, as they would only have to pay Rs 8635 for the six months of this connection.

In the case of yearly plans as well, Tata Sky broadband subscribers will be able to save some amount. For example, when the Rs 999 plan is bought for the entire year, the subscribers would only have to pay Rs 10,190, which translates to a saving of Rs 1,798. Subsequently, the subscribers of 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps plans would be able to save Rs 2,248 and Rs 2,878 respectively.

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